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  1. Launch time is 15th of April, 4pm GMT 0.
  2. After nearly two months of waiting, the highly anticipated launch of RPP Kota will be happening on 15th of April. The exact time will be announced later (Topic will be updated, and you'll be tagged in discord). Keep in mind that our Moderator applications are still open, don't hesitate to fill in an application if you fulfill the requirements. We've been working on this project since we last closed, and we're happy with the results. @5150 and @anumaz have put in the most hours in order to get all the necessary aspects finished. Without them, there would be no Kota. We're planning on releasing more screenshots rather sooner than later. I'm hoping to see everyone get familiar with the map, since it's an enjoyable one. See you on the fifteenth.
  3. Q. is the server closed?

    1. Lartsa


      It'll be closed until the move is complete.

    2. Rickker


      server get moved? you got discord for me?

    3. Lartsa
  4. After a rocky week, we are ready to bounce back. First and foremost we would like to thank Samuel for his hard work and dedication that he has done for The Roleplay Project. He worked countless amounts of hours, preparing the forums and discord to the state they are right now. All the ingame perks are done via forums and that's all thanks to him. Lemley has also been here prior to the launch of our server, and he has put plenty of effort into making it what it is right now. They deserve the best. Thank you Sam & Lemley! We're glad to announce Resident as our new Senior Moderator. He will be helping and aiding the current senior team to make sure our mod team is working effectively. We're confident that Resident was the perfect pick for Senior, since he has been an administrator for years in the past, and he surely knows what he's doing. Lastly, I would like to thank every single one of you who still have faith in us, your support over these times is everything. I'm sure we'll have a bright future ahead of us with strong supporters. Staff updates are done on a monthly basis unless special circumstances warrant otherwise. Arrivals @Rafael Player > Junior Moderator @Snazz Player > Junior Moderator @Portside Player > Junior Moderator @RazorRC Player > Junior Moderator @ElChapo Player > Junior Moderator @FAILCAKEZ Player > Head of Illegal Support @Gonxp Player > Head of Legal Support @5150 Player > Moderator Promotions @Resident Moderator > Senior Moderator @Spl4z Junior Moderator > Moderator @Blank Junior Moderator > Moderator Adjustments @Deasana Full Developer > Full Developer (Support) Departures @Samuel Senior Moderator > (Resignation) @Lemley25 Senior Moderator > (Resignation) @patrick Moderator > (Resignation) @serx Junior Moderator > (Resignation) @BremboBG Junior Moderator > (Resignation) @Immaculate Junior Moderator > (Resignation) @Kaasisbaas Head of Legal Support > (Resignation) @ertidog Head of illegal Support > (Resignation)
  5. I don't know what planet you're living on anymore, but it was clearly stated that they were indeed and will remain on the same level as other team leaders. Illegal Support is just as important as VCT or LFT, or as you said, MT. They all have way different tasks and different ways they operate. They are not related to each other, yet it's expected that our Team Leaders get along with each other.
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