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    Version 2.0.2 Fix: Vehicle attachments not updating upon interior change (Fernando) Reduced sound range for ghettoblaster & speaker (Fernando) Fix: Minimap blips for SP/FD remote dispatch device (Fernando) Faction ID 18 will now have all ATMs marked on their map (Fernando) Added Beanbag & Taser icons. (Fernando) Added the remaining splittable drugs (Fernando) Moderators and EGL can now spawn storage generics (Fernando) Fixed generics spawning with wrong names when bought from Hardware Store NPC (Fernando) You can now apply license plate textures to all vehicles for more customization (Fernando) Added the ability to use client-side mods for players and vehicles. (Exciter) Fixed /findserial. (Exciter) Hotfix: Fix team leader permissions (backward compatibility). (Exciter) Fixed pricing for the impound lot (Fernando) Added bike-only impound lot lanes for better space usage (Fernando) Added command /crushprice for mods & VT to know a vehicle’s scrap price at the NPC crusher Impounded vehicles that have been there for 20 days will be automatically deleted and their owners informed (Fernando)
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    1) Legal Support Team Approach The Legal Support Team (LST) is responsible for handling all aspects of legal and governmental roleplay on Roleplay Project and has two ways of being contacted: In-Game Reports: these should be used for simple questions and not requests. Forum Public Contact: a forum form to contact us if the matter at hand requires deep consideration. Also used for requests. While in-game reports may seem like an easy and fast way of reaching out to us, the submission of a public contact will give the Legal Support Team the time to think more deeply about the matter at hand and provide the person who made the public contact with a much more contemplated response. The Legal Support Team will do its very best to ensure that responses are given out at a maximum period of seventy-two (72) hours after the public contact has been originally submitted. This period may be extended if the matter at hand is delicate enough and there’s been constant discussion within the Legal Support Team in regards to it. However, players will be informed if this is the case. Only one topic of discussion can to be brought up in a public contact. If you need to address various topics, please make sure to do them in different public contacts. This is set in place for organizational purposes, as it may be a bit confusing to address multiple things in a single contact. 2) Legal Faction Statuses: Legal factions are divided into three sections. This is to ensure that factions are separated by their level of activity, productivity and roleplay standards. Unofficial: Newly made faction with a small amount of members. Every new faction starts off with this status, no exceptions unless approved by the Legal Support Team. Given to factions who require a F3 system in order to control their finances, members and their wages, but are yet in their very beginning of existence. Players may either pay for the F3 or submit a public contact explaining why they should have it for free if they would rather use that cash to spend it on something else that will generally benefit the faction. These issued F3's can hold up to 5 interior slots and 5 vehicle slots, but depending on the faction the maximum slot capacity may increase (i.e. dealerships). Unofficial factions lack the support for free custom duty skins and custom interiors. Semi-Official: A faction with some miles and activity to it along with a larger member base, this status is attributed to a trusted faction which has shown to be active by creating jobs and roleplay opportunities. The perks of this status is the increased amount of support from the Legal Support Team, such as being able to implement free duty skins and custom interiors, as well as vehicle, property and item funding. Factions with this status are granted a raise in slots up to 15 interiors and 20 vehicle slots, with the exception of dealership factions which may eventually have over 20 vehicle slots. Official: The final status for a faction, given to those factions which truly have shown to be active within the server and provided continuous quality roleplay to the community. This status has the same perks as a Semi-Official one, with the exception of an increase in interior slots (25) and vehicle slots (35). A sub-forum is given to the faction so that leaders can better manage it. Script support, within reason, is also provided. Faction statuses updates usually come in Legal Support Team monthly updates. However, a faction may be given any of the above statuses at any time if agreed by the majority of the Legal Support Team. 3) Faction F3's: F3's are faction menus used to manage a particular faction. Leaders can use this menu to control activity of their members, set specific ranks and wages, manage faction interiors and vehicles, as well as duty spots, among other things. All members in a F3 are to be officially considered part of the faction roster, unless it’s specified otherwise in the rank name. Players also need to be in the F3 itself in order to claim to be part of the faction. Claiming to be part of a faction in an out-of-character manner in order to gain an advantage somewhere else without actually being in the faction is against the rules. The Legal Support Team members may at any time join a faction F3 without prior warning. However, they must do so with a proper reason. Joining for the sake of being in the faction F3 is not allowed. Legal factions have the option to purchase a faction F3 at the Red County Government building in Montgomery. This process costs $25,000, of which $15,000 will be the initial capital of the faction. However, having a faction F3 right off the bat does not necessarily mean the faction will get any support from the Legal Support Team. Factions are not required to have a F3 in order to be ran though. If they show great roleplay standards, provide proper roleplay to the community and are active both in-game and on the forums, more specifically on their faction thread, factions may request the Legal Support Team for a free F3 via a public contact. Upon consideration, the F3 may or may not be given. 4) Faction Corruption: Faction corruption is defined as having a character in a particular faction who is tasked to do a legal job but instead goes illegal behind the scenes or even when performing his own job, which as a result may jeopardize the operations of the faction. Leaders of any semi-official or official legal factions are prohibited from going illegal under any circumstances, unless approval is given by the Legal Support Team. This is extended to management members only. This is set in place in order to safeguard the integrity of all semi-official and official legal factions and make sure they are not impacted by the actions of a sole character. It is up to the leaders of semi-official and official factions to set their own out-of-character corruption rules for their own faction members, however, they need to ensure that players agree to them during the recruitment process. Not doing so may lead to a character having the right to be corrupt without requiring permission firsthand by their own leaders and consequently impact the progression of the faction. Corruption rules in any government faction are strictly set by the Legal Support Team, as these factions have a great impact on the whole server. These rules are later on passed on to each respective government entity which they will then have to enforce. It is their responsibility to keep track of who has corruption permissions and who doesn’t and ensure this does not greatly impact the faction itself in a negative manner. Unofficial factions have the free will to be corrupt. However, being granted the semi-official status may be harder if the actions of these corrupt characters delay drastically the development of their faction. 5) Faction Shutdown: In the event of a faction shutting down due to inactivity reasons, all interiors, custom or not, and exterior buildings, custom mapped or not, are up to the Legal Support Team’s discretion to discuss what is right to be done to them. Selling or giving out these properties to other players, especially close friends, whom will not give it the desired use, is not permitted by any means. The Legal Support Team will not hesitate to step in and take ownership of the property if this becomes the case. Faction leaders need to notify the Legal Support Team every time they no longer wish to keep running their own faction and so doesn’t anybody else. This is set in place so the Legal Support Team can try to find a replacement for the faction, so it doesn’t completely shut down. If no replacement is found after seven (7) days, the faction leader may then sell the interiors/buildings if the player keeps playing on the server, or the Legal Support Team takes full ownership of it. 6) Faction Recruitment: In some legal factions, leaders may need or wish to create an alternate character in order to keep roleplaying in the faction. An example to this is the San Andreas State Police or the Red County Fire Department, whose high-ranking members are not realistically supposed to do field work, but the player still wishes to give his contribution to the faction on the field on a different character. These alternate characters are permitted in government factions and it is each respective faction's responsibility to keep track of them and ensure they are not "throw-away characters". These alternate characters are still to be roleplayed like a main character, even if they are not, and developed like one, therefore any kind of "throw-away" actions just because it is an alternate character are not permitted under any circumstances. These characters may also not hold any in-character leadership or supervisory position. If a member of a faction suddenly dies or is imprisoned for life, and is therefore ineligible to keep doing their job in their respective faction, they are allowed to return to the same faction on a different character at any time. However, their previous rank may not be returned to them. Instead, one rank below at least is to be attained. This is to ensure all faction members have a fair opportunity to rank up and not let out-of-character determine their progression in the faction. 7) Faction Interiors: Factions are required to keep their interiors as active as possible and use them to provide roleplay opportunities to the community, unless said interior is used for internal faction purposes and therefore it is not accessible by the public. Sitting in interiors just to keep them active is against the rules and will most likely lead to a removal of the interior from the faction interior list. 8 ) Government Roleplay: A character is under no circumstances permitted to be in multiple government factions at the same time on the same character, unless it is for a voluntary or reserve role in the faction. Approval by the Legal Support Team is needed to portray a character who is in more than one government agency at the same time (i.e. a State Police Captain who is also a Senator in the Red County Government). The player must ensure that he will be equally active in both factions and not disregard any of his functions in any of the factions involved. A player is, however, permitted to be in a government faction and a legal faction at the same time, regardless of its status, so as long as he does not disregard his duties in either faction to prioritize another one. 9) Government Elections: Elections for the position of Commissioner are held up every 4 months approximately, which is the equivalent of four years in real life. The Legal Support Team will tease the community during an announcement that they are coming, so by that time players should start getting their campaigns and election parties ready. However, players are required to submit their campaigns to the Legal Support Team via a public contact first before engaging in any in-character activities related to it. While this may limit roleplay, this rule is set in place to ensure that the Red County Government, regardless of who gets chosen as Commissioner, will still be in good hands, no matter the political ideology or side. 10) Faction Finances: All legal and government factions that are financially supported by the Legal Support Team or possess the status of semi-official or official, are strictly forbidden from having a wage higher than $1,500, unless bonuses are handed out within sufficient reason (i.e. holiday season). Unofficial factions which have a F3 may have a higher wage, up to $2,500 which is the script limit. However, they are financially independent which means if they go bankrupt and it is discovered that wages this high have been handed out at the same time, no efforts from the Legal Support Team will be attempted to support and save said faction, regardless of the amount of activity or good roleplay standards. 11) Faction Development: Last but not least, and probably one of the most important rules in this thread is faction development. A faction is never intended to start big. All players, upon starting a new faction, need to understand that the same way they don’t create a character and they instantaneously become an influential civilian of Red County (i.e. Major of the State Police), so shouldn’t their faction. Everything requires development. The point is to slowly develop factions in a realistic fashion and not rush into expanding to different markets that they have no knowledge about, only to enrich their own pockets faster. For roleplay sake and to improve the economy of the server, try to perfect as much as possible the faction you have initially established before even thinking about expanding. As the old quote goes: “start small and dream big”. This should be the motto of every legal faction. Market competition is something that radically improves the economy of the server. It allows different factions that focus on the same target market to seek to be better than each other and as a result develop new economically viable strategies to take over their particular type of market. Believe it or not, this only benefits you, as a player. And this should be the mentality that all community members need to have for their factions. To try to be better than one another, without necessarily destroying them. The Legal Support Team will ensure that all semi-official and official factions will not fall into this big hole, as they are set to be an example to the community due to their faction statuses that they rightfully deserve. It is for that reason that if semi-official or official factions wish to expand their business, a public contact needs to be submitted and reviewed by the Legal Support Team. Unofficial factions are not permitted by any means to expand their faction to different types of market, as they are still in the roots of their development.
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    Version 2.0.3 Automatic versioning and changelog. Added more street names, contribution by Portside. Added Blueberry airfield map, created by mapping team/5150 Added ATC features to Blueberry Airfield. Disabled some old ATC areas. Created new scripted Trash Collector job! For now it is only available for Riverside Recyclers LLC faction members.
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    finnish rpers according to serx
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    Weekly Server Events Hello everyone! It's time to officially start with weekly events! Our plan is to do weekly events that will create as much roleplay for everyone as possible. We want the events to be something simple for people to get into, easy to log in and take part in without too much confusion and hassle. The planned weekly events aren't going to be something massive, such as disasters that has taken place in previous communities before. We have several ideas lined up that we have started to plan and map out. It will range from anything such as festivals, tournaments, gokarting, paintball, racing, boating, aviation, and much more. We realize that we cannot please everyone with one event, which is why we have decided to do this weekly with different themes and events. We are always open to new ideas as well, so please feel free to leave a comment below on what you'd like us to do in a future event. Keep in mind that we want to keep it simple and realistic, it must somehow fit the county, be outdoor so we don't all hide and isolate ourselves inside an interior, be easy for players to come and go as they please, and so on. For example with the gokarting event that we have planned out, the idea will be that every single faction can somehow take place in it. Players will be able to sign up ICly for gokarting, paying a small realistic in-game fee to enter followed by instructors that will inform them and show them what will happen next, creating as much roleplay as possible. Players will also be able to just come by and view the race as spectators for free, with factions and other players selling food, showing off their shops with smaller stands, FD and SP being there for safety and checking up on the event, a private company managing the security and safety of the event, and so on. It will be much more than just gokarting itself, I think you all get the idea here. We will also have in-game prices for the winners of the tournaments! The examples provided above is just one of many events that we have planned to do, the idea is so include everyone that wishes to take part in it. I hope that this is something people want, so far it seems to be very popular with everyone. Like I mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment with what you'd like to see as a future weekly event!
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