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    A very warm welcome to both new and returning players. It's been a while, but we are very excited to be bringing back The Roleplay Project (RPP). This time we are returning to a promising new platform with much better graphics and more customization possibilities, enhancing the immersion of our roleplay experience. RPP:V will be available on RageMP, a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V. RageMP is a very promising platform that is still young. We believe that we will be able to grow our roleplay experience together with RageMP for years to come. For those of you who are new to RPP: We're a roleplay community, focused on contemporary, realistic, roleplay. Our roots go all the way back to 2008, but RPP is mostly known for providing a unique roleplay experience through our success on Multi Theft Auto (MTA) (multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) in 2012-2014. Key figures of RPP has also been key figures of other successful roleplay communities before and after our MTA server. We are a mature and serious roleplay community with both veteran and newer players. We go by our key principles such as being player-focused, creating platforms for roleplay that are immersive and focused around possibilities, and to nurture creativity. These principles has been central in our community since day one. This time around, for RPP:V, we are slightly shifting our focus from serving a wide audience in favor of a more mature player base that possesses higher roleplay standards. We are trying to create a platform for serious roleplayers that are looking for quality roleplay with their peers. New players looking to get into realistic roleplay are still welcome, provided they are serious and committed to achieving the standards we are looking for. In the coming weeks, we will continue posting new updates with explanations and sneak peeks into what you can expect from our upcoming game. But let's start right now by giving you a little insight into our timeframe, structure, and the accounts and characters systems. Timeframe We are aiming for a public release at the beginning of 2019. Our developer previews have however already started, where community staff and selected participants try out new concepts and identify bugs while the development progresses. By the end of 2018, in November/December, we aim to open for early access. The early access phase is where the roleplay begins, although it will be in a very early version of our new server, which will constantly be updated with more features and fixes. During the early access phase, we will gradually expand the player base in a controlled manner, in line with the server stability and the capacity of our staff and infrastructure. We start with our staff and a limited number of invited players, and then gradually extend invites to more players. Towards the end, invited players will be given the opportunity to invite their friends to join them. And before you ask: If you're wondering how you can join us in early access, just stay tuned and keep yourself active here at our community site, to learn about future openings. Staff We have six teams who respond to the Community Manager. All teams will soon have a public thread with a lot more information about them, such as services offered, ways of contact, etc. Moderators Team - The usual first-response team who is in charge of helping players out, solving conflicts and enforcing our rules. They're also in charge of handling roleplay applications. This team is led by @Bunny Economy Team - Economy is a key element of our game. This team handles tasks related to money circulation and balance. This team is led by @Tidemo. Legal Support Team - Our organizations' system will be explained on a later update, however, this team is in charge of supporting the legal RP scene at RPP. This team is led by @Kaasisbaas. Illegal Support Team - Exactly like the above, however focusing on the illegal RP. The team leader is @Sexymofo. Public Relations Team - In charge of public announcements, marketing, events, content creation and more. This team is led by @anumaz. Development Team - In charge of the server's game and web development. The team leader is @Exciter. An up-to-date list of our staff is available at https://www.roleplayproject.com/staff/. Accounts and roleplay applications When you register an account here at our community site, this will be the same user account that you'll use to login to our game and other RPP services. We only allow one account per person. Please make sure to protect your account with a strong password, and by potentially also enabling 2-factor authentication. The UCP, forums, support center, and premium store/donations are all found here at our community site. We ask that you please remain consistent with your username/nickname at RPP, like for example using the same name in our Discord server, so that it is easier for everyone to recognize you across our community. As we believe in quality over quantity, new players will have to submit and pass a roleplay application before they will be able to join the game. This will test players on the basics of roleplay to make sure that our player base consists of committed, serious roleplayers that will contribute positively to the community, and keep out those who are not a match for our gameplay. You can consider it as whitelisting. In order for our players to enjoy roleplay in a community of like-minded peers, we need to screen new members to make sure we don't let in those that will ruin the experience for others. We plan to introduce a feature where existing members can vouch for new members so that trusted, experienced roleplayers can join us without having to go through the screening process. Characters You can have multiple different characters on your account. You can have 3 alive characters at the same time, each with their own virtual life. If you wish to play on even more characters you can choose to upgrade to a premium membership or purchase additional character slots, which helps us cover the costs of running the community. Your dead characters do not count towards your available character slots. Stat transfers will allow you to transfer character assets such as money, vehicles, and properties between your different characters. This is the only allowed method of transferring anything between your own characters. This is a great tool if you at some point find yourself losing interest for one of your characters and want to move your focus to a new or another one of your characters while keeping the hard-earned assets to use in your roleplay. When a character of yours dies for any reason not forced on by yourself, you will be able to transfer stats from this character to another of your characters for free. Otherwise, stat transfers are purchasable through donations to the community. We wanted to make character creation full of possibilities but yet easy to comprehend and in a way that doesn't require too much time. When you create a new character, you will get a random premade character that you can choose to customize to your liking as much as you want. You could spend hours tuning your character if you're that detail-oriented type - or you can choose how much changes you want to make. Either way, once your character is created and spawned in our virtual world, there are of course even more possibilities for character customization available - often through interaction with player-owned businesses such as fashion stores or hair salons. Take a look at the previews below to get an idea about how our character creator works. Afterword Thank you very much for your interest. We can't wait to roleplay with you. We hope that you like what you've seen and read so far and that you'll stay around for our coming updates. We have so much more to show and tell. We want to stay in touch with you! We invite you to engage in the community here at our community site, chat with us on our Discord server, and follow us in social media. Discord: https://discord.gg/wS9J2fa YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzCUfR-nXTt2kJrejphZ3Xw Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roleplayproject/ We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the staff that is working hard to make this project happen, to the developers of RageMP, the creators of GTA V, the long-time loyal followers of RPP and the new players that will join us in creating very enjoyable roleplay in not too long. On behalf of Founder and Community Manager @Exciter, Assistant Community Manager @anumaz, and everyone else here at The Roleplay Project, we thank you for your time and send you our best wishes. 
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    December Staff Update It is time for our first staff update! To prepare for the smoothest possible launch, and due to a high number of great applicants - We're happy to announce eight new Moderators to our staff roster. There was a lot of good applications, and picking only eight has proven to be extremely difficult. After a lot of discussion and thinking we've promoted both experienced ex-staff members from other communities, and some very promising new ones! For those of you that weren't accepted this time, it doesn't necessarily mean that your application wasn't good enough. We were limited of choosing a small number of applicants out of too many. Congratulations to our new Moderators! @Spl4z Player > Junior Moderator @George Player > Junior Moderator @Lartsa Player > Junior Moderator @Resident Player > Junior Moderator @patrick Player > Junior Moderator @EAT Player > Junior Moderator @Munhausen Player > Junior Moderator @Officerbattle Player > Junior Moderator
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    Official Launch Date First I'd like to welcome everyone to our MTA community! As we've previously just announced on our Discord server, our MTA server will officially launch at 18:00 GMT - Friday the 13th (13-12-2019). Your forum and website account will be the same one you will use when logging in to our server. Character creation will be done in-game. Red County won the polls, and is where the roleplay will be based in. For now Bone County, and other certain specific areas for targeted roleplay (The drag strip for example) are in discussion. Upon launch, only Red County will be open for roleplay. If you're a faction member, you may contact FMT to discuss getting your badges, uniforms, etc prior to the launch. (For example PD, FD, etc...) Keep in mind that there will be many changes and updates to come. We recommend checking our Discord and forum regularly for announcements and updates. See you all in-game very soon!
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    Welcome to the Roleplay Project! In this thread, you will find useful information to get started on RPP, and as well learn a little more about our community of passionates. The original community was founded in 2012 under the GTA San Andreas modification Multi Theft Auto. The community was shut down in 2014 and is now back online on RageMP's modification of GTA V. The core concepts ever since the beginning were to give its players the ultimate freedom and tools to fulfill their roleplay experience. With complete immersion that aims to stay fully immersed at all times, we welcome all players who believe in a total realistic and modern type of roleplay. How to join us? Step 1. Head towards a GTA V game point of sale, such as on Steam, and install the game. Step 2. Download and install the RageMP modification from their website. Step 3. Open RageMP, head towards the Direct Connect tab and input: ip address to come Make sure to be connected with RPP via Discord as well by joining our server! Click me for Discord invite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) When are you going to open? The full public released is still to be determined. However, by January 2020, the server will be in a closed alpha mode where community players will be invited to join and start their story. The playerbase will be limited at that time. Is it free-to-play? RPP is totally free-to-play. We will offer premium features which will not impact your character, but instead your community experience with us, such as sneak peeks into features, priority support and more! What makes you different than other GTA V RP servers? We make our scripts with the constant idea of minimizing the needs for staff interaction. We want players to be able to enjoy their roleplay session without having to wait for a staff member to "authorize" or "give" them something. Instead, all tools will be available from the start. We also do not wish to limit your roleplay sector or location. You will have full freedom of doing what you want to do. What's the economy going to be like? We've decided to put a high emphasis on the economy, the money circulation ecosystem. By creating a specific team that's main role is to monitor and control the money circulation and injection, and by making scripts that moves the money rather than creating it, our economy is expected to be stable and realistic. How will the opening of the server look like? During the early stages of Closed Alpha, a small portion of players will be allowed in. The RP story will start at that time, but a focus will be maintained over bugfixing and developping. Gradually every weeks we'll allow more players in. How can I help out? Make sure to stay tuned at our announcements for many different ways of helping RPP become the #1 reference for immersive roleplay. An easy way is to stay connected on Forums and Discord, and help other players out when needed. What can I expect from server management? Fairness, common-sense and a real community spirit! Useful links Rules for all our platforms
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    Character Stat Applications Hello Roleplayers! The staff here at the Roleplay Project are very excited to have you join us on Multi Theft Auto! Our Development Team is putting the final touches on an amazing gamemode for us all to enjoy, in the meantime, there are some things we can do! Most of us come from one of two communities, where we were established and had houses or vehicles, stats and wealth. It's extremely disappointing to loose all of that hard work. We at RPP hope to remedy this. Players will be permitted to write an application for two separate characters, requesting specific assets to be awarded to that character based off of a detailed character story. The moderation team will review and decide on the realistic nature of the request and communicate with the player if there needs to be corrections, or if the assets should be directly rewarded. Upon launch, characters will be able to report to receive their approved assets. You may fill out an application for your character stats below. Please put effort into this! Apply Here
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    Gonna yeet the fuck out of the server as soon as it opens.
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    i love it. might try it out when you release. good luck guys!
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    UPDATE We're receiving a lot of applications, a lot of them are good.. some of them, are not. Your story can be formatted however you wish. But for Paragraph 1 Character's birth, lower-school, family life and beginning friendships. Paragraph 2 Character's coming of age, higher education, friendships and social life. Paragraph 3 Employment, what lead the character to Red County, where the character obtained their assets from and how (be DETAILED). If you are requesting a large amount of asset value (items valuing more than 25k) the story needs to be detailed of how that money was saved up and kept in your possession without it going to bills or other expenses. Each item that is requested should have its own little story to it.
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