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  1. No, the faction will stay persistent to avoid having people to make Public Contacts and have processing times and things like people complaining about the wait times of the said things. The only time a public contact should be made is drugs production and faction updates/plans. We are currently in discussion about having the faction open to normal members to solely create role play, generally people who would like to help the community without having IST duties on their shoulders. If you happen to be a regular member within this faction, you won't be in touch with any assets generated by this said faction. Capo's and soldiers will be there for immersion and creating role play purposes only. And to add once again, we will only be able to retaliate to another faction and won't be able to start a war or have the favoritism factor for another faction.
  2. Moderator Applications Hello there again my pals! The thing that people say, doesn't go missed in this community and we always listen to complaints and suggestions on how we could improve. Recently a major issue has been staff being online to moderate your role play and answering your reports, so therefore we are looking for competent people who know their way around role play and could answer the most difficult reports, obviously there would be help if you are struggling as a Junior Moderator, knowledge is essential not necessary as people can always learn. So, if you think you could be next Moderator, please don't hesitate to apply and take care in your application, we'd oblige you to put in some effort when filling in this application, as we are looking for very active people on all of our platforms i.e. Discord, Forums and In-Game server. Applications will close: This Friday 25th of January, 2020. Good luck in your applications, looking forward to reviewing them. You can click here to apply.
  3. Hello everyone. We are aware of all the rumors, faction drama, people leaving, people feeling like nothing is being done and that nothing is happening. This post is here to give everyone an overview of what’s been going on, what’s going to happen to both factions, staff members leaving, and so on. Keep in mind that the leadership and developer team of Roleplay Project has not give up. We’ve barely even gotten started. We made a commitment to offer an Multi Theft Auto server again, and we will continue to stand by that. When Waffle went down, all the players and most of the community came directly to us. You all wanted us to open an Multi Theft Auto server as quickly as possible, we wanted to wait a little further until all new features and structures would be completely done, which would have taken us longer to do. Everyone told us to open it right away, and people said that any minor things that needs to be worked on, could be done so while it was launched. Players just wanted a place to role play quickly. A lot of rumors and misinformation are currently floating out within the community, so we’ve decided to tackle the situation and inform everyone of what has actually happened. The Team Leader situation The first week of launching the server, everything was working smoothly. The purpose of the Team Leader ranks were to put one person in charge of the different teams such as legal faction team, illegal faction team, mapping team, vehicle team, and so on. The first week of the server launch went great, there was no major issues within the Team Leader division whatsoever. Then some cases started to develop, where something would be stuck between two teams. Things slowly heated up and ertidog started refusing to work with the other Team Leaders. Knowing his many factions and people he had behind him, he started to think of himself as more important than the other team leaders. Obviously his team, the Illegal Support Team plays a very important role in the community. We know how important they are, and how much work it takes to maintain this. Calling other team leaders inferior and not as important, will naturally form the other team leaders against him. Imagine telling someone at your workplace that you are more important than them. He agreed that he dug his own grave on that part. We also agreed to completely redesign and restructure how team leaders work and function, these were one of ertidog’s demands. We were working out a whole new structure and setting up a meeting to discuss it with all of the team leaders before implementing it. Everyone agreed, and everyone was satisfied for the time being. Before this meeting could happen, ertidog started seeing himself as more and more important, refusing to be on a par with the other team leaders. He wanted his own special rank to show everyone how much more important he was and the work he does. He eventually told us that he should have a Community Management position, because of how important he is and the work he does. However, he would “settle” for a Senior Moderator position. We tried to explain that Moderators is its own team, and has nothing to do with the Illegal Faction Team. We gave ertidog full complete freedom to do exactly what he wanted. As a team leader, you fully run your team. He can put and remove anyone he wants in the team, and run it however he pleases with all the commands given to him that he required and needs in-game. As he continued to argue and act more important than everyone else in the community, things started to heat up. Too many guns and ammo were spawned that are completely out of place. Which the new Illegal Support Team Leader has removed and fixed. However we let him do all of this as he had full complete freedom with his team. An argument happened between ertidog and Bunny, which was about the internal drama and arguing with the other team leaders. Eventually, ertidog was mad that permissions within the staff team were “messed” up. Developers were given the opportunity to look at other chats to be there as an assistance. Ertidog refused to let anyone from the dev team give their opinions and showed many signs of refusing to work together. He simply wanted to be above everyone else. After getting his roles and permissions removed, ertidog began doing as much damage as he could. He went on to our Trello - Which is a site for where the put all the things for developers that needs to be done. Bug fixes, changes, and internal developer communication and codes. He began removing and permanently deleting everything that was on there, leaving developers confused and finding it difficult for them to bring all of this stuff back. Some stuff today has still not been recovered. This is the reason why he got permanently banned by Bunny afterwards for Third Party Tampering. Of course, our mistake was to not inform the community right away about this. Most of the people we spoke to never knew what actually went on. They had only heard ertidog’s side. So, naturally. Only knowing ertidog’s side and believing that to be the truth at the time, a lot of people including his friends started leaving. A lot of these people would probably leave either way since they were his friends. This started a big chain of more and more people leaving. Keep in mind that this is just a short and the “quick” version of what happened with the ertidog situation. A lot more internal stuff happened, that we don’t feel like we need to get into detail with due to privacy concerns for other staff members. San Andreas State Police: As for State Police, Samuel left the faction because he felt like he was giving too much and it was going on very unappreciative. Members of the faction believed that Samuel was too much into copying real life and didn’t realize it was the game. Community Management understood this and recognize this but we believe that it was up to the Major to put in the standards of the department. People continued to complain to Samuel and he evidently got tired, and decided to leave the server along with other reasons which he does not feel to name. We wish Samuel the best in his future endeavors as his time here on Roleplay Project, he was greatly appreciated in all aspects. (In Character and Out of Character) Staff Members Leaving: There seems to be a trend among the staff team to leave the team simply because things don’t go their way. We’re addressing that, and we’re simply asking members of the team and players to simply address issues to us rather than go behind our backs and talk among us. The famous quote is as follows: Demotivation and no updates: This has been an on-going issue for a while, a lot of staff arguing among themselves and other people getting demotivated due to the drama internally. Which has caused some but not all staff members to resign. Within the team this is highly frowned upon and will not be tolerated no more, although we allow some jokes among us, there is a line you do not cross. All members of the staff team have now been addressed and we’re hoping this won’t be an on-going issue anymore because at the end of the day we are all here to play a game and enjoy our time here. Due to de-motivation which has probably lead to other things, like lack of updates and transparency issues which will also no longer be an issue. We have a support section on Discord and Forums, where you can ask any questions relating to the community. New PR and Event Planning Teams: We’re in the process of recruiting a Public Relations team internally, who will be the face of putting news across to the community and answering any questions that are brought forward. We are doing this to increase transparency and make regular members aware of what's going on in the different sectors of the community i.e. development, staff and other things that can be included. Regards, Roleplay Project Staff.
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