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October 2018
Developer Preview

Core features are constantly worked on and tested as they are implemented by a select group of players who participated in the community shaping.

January 2020
Closed Alpha

Community members will be invited to the closed alpha in order to start the roleplay story, but as well find the latest bugs and give their feedback. Members will be able to gradually invite their friends to the server.

To be determined
Public Release

All major and important features are tested and ready to accept an unlimited number of players.

Virtual economy simulation
The money is the key element in any society. It's what divides, gives power and ensures continuity. No wonder why everything becomes unbalanced, when the money repartition itself is unbalanced. On RPP, we've decided to simulate the real world's economic issues, but on a smaller scale. The money is in constant circulation, and a team is dedicated to carefully manipulate cash injection, to avoid any kind of possible issue. The item you purchase at a retail store comes from a transporter, then from a distributor, from a manufacturer and from the primary resources mining. We called it the economy ecosystem.
Run your own business, hassle-free
The original factions structure is outdated. With current technology and evolutive roleplay experiences, we've decided to give back all the tools and powers to the players. On RPP, an organization is a legal entity which you can register at the government. With it comes all the tools you need to run a business, but be careful to respect the law! We have two teams commited to give organizations support whenever they will need it, on the legal and criminal sides.
Endless possibilities for criminal organizations
It's been frequent that criminal organizations had to rely on an external, out-of-character medium to pursue their roleplay experience forward. We wish to avoid this by giving all the necessary tools to any person willing to commit illegal crimes, without having to wait endless hours for a staff member. With our Crime Support Team, you'll be able to give life to your ideas, quickly, and by yourself.
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