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    • Legal Support Team Applications - Open   To prepare for the move to Kota Island, the Legal Support Team is once again asking for your support.  We are looking for driven, knowledgeable people who know their way round both the legal sector of roleplay and just roleplay in general. Your responsibilities in the team would be overseeing a predetermined amount of official factions, to ensure that they have the support they need and bring it directly to the Faction Team to ensure that requests can be processed as soon as possible so roleplay can be continued with minimal delay. The legal faction team will also oversee the legal virtual markets, to ensure that we can reward players for exceptional roleplay, including but not limited to events, music production and distribution and the most infamous of all, the Porn Industry.   We truly hope to turn the tide and make Legal Roleplay an incredible experience for all involved.   If you believe that you can provide an exceptional service to your fellow players, please don't hesitate to drop a application through the link below https://forms.gle/w27q46HH6dgbzwPd8   Best Regards, George Legal Support Team Leader  
    • Brethrens.   The time has come again, we are looking for competent people to join our cause and build up RPP's illegal scene with your help.   If you're interested, fill out the form linked here   Good luck!
    • So there is support for cars and such, still not for skins, please implement
    • TBA: I'll be showcasing the new trash collector job in this post!
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