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  1. I'd just like to state in whole that MTA as a platform has been losing members left and right, same goes for SA:MP. Most servers have, if not fully integrated into GTA:V because of the modern community experiences. Obviously this is a sad thing to see since MTA/SA:MP was the place to be and I had my chores of fun on it, however after declining numbers I left. I do agree, the mentality me and a lot of others share in leaving are one of the contributing factors for the demise of servers. You can only hold your community for so long until they burn out and do other things. This is the exact reason why my Cluckin' Bell idea did not fall through. Nevertheless, I will remember RPP as a fun experience, especially with @Fernando, @Munhausen , @YoPeh, and the rest of the crew in Renshaw.
  2. I understand that, however adding a Perishing Square type area would simply benefit nobody but act as decoration. In fact, a Perishing Square area would only be truly suitable in the middle of a city. Hell, what I would go for is at least an office district. And speaking of gentrification, why don't they just start revitalizing the middle of Blueberry to make it something like a historic district with brick rows. Something like this: However just ignore my plea for gentrification because my ambitions are always making me dream a whole theme park in a roleplay server.
  3. Finally, Blueberry is getting gentrified! However I hate the perishing square idea.
  4. A farmer's market in Blueberry would be essential for Blueberry, given that gentrification occurs and/or they start building in that old farm area
  5. “You can’t fire me ‘cause I already quit!”
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