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  1. The skill-gap that the team is trying to form is mainly aimed at high-powered bikes. Such a 1000cc super bike - those will be a lot harder to handle than a 125cc one. The steering issue is going to be ironed out with the new system; but do not expect to be able to take a 90 degrees turn at 60mph - brakes exist for a reason. Brake before you take a sharp turn, not during your turn. If you've ever driven a bike IRL, you know that braking during a turn is a big no-no, unless you enjoy road-rash. The way we're going to create that skillgap is mainly through turning, acceleration and grip.
  2. Business Pitch Auction Business #1 Business #2 Business #3 Business #4 Business #5 How does this auction work? The winner of the auction is not the one who bids the highest, instead it'll be the person who has the best reasoning and fitting background story for the property. Your 'bid' is actually a proposal for the ownership of the property. You can either propose a price, or leave it blank and the legal support team will dictate a price for you. Fill out the format below and send it to @Kaasisbaas in a forum PM. The price of the property will be in the form of a loan. You will be required to pay the loan off from the profit of the business. Once the loan has been fully paid, the business is yours and all profit is yours to keep. Format: Character name: Faction (if applicable): Business: Proposed price: Why should you receive this business? What are your plans for the business?
  3. Faction Administration Team Hi there, welcome to the Roleplay Project! As you might have noticed, we have made some changes to the traditional staff team structure. In this thread, the Faction Administration Team’s purpose and goal will be explained. The Faction Administration Team has been split up into two sub-teams; legal and illegal support. Those sub-teams work together closely to make sure the factions receive the support and guidance they require, providing them with means to enhance their roleplay and maintain overall high standards within the community. Legal Support Team The legal support team (LST) primarily focuses on the guidance of legal factions, providing them with advice, creating means to enhance their roleplay such as script features, virtual markets (more information regarding legal virtual markets will be announced soon), stock markets, overseeing all legal factions and ensuring their roleplay remains up to standard. Stock market For all those finance gurus, number freaks, investors and (aspiring) business professionals out there this is good news. We are currently working very hard behind the scenes to bring you a stock market system. The system will be accessible from a website, so you can manage your investments even when you’re not in-game! There will be multiple companies you can buy stocks of, such as Alphabet Incorporated (Google’s mother company), our IC social media platform (values based off Facebook’s), Aurora Cannabis, and more. The market opens every day at 14:30 UTC and closes at 20:00 UTC. Currently, the plan for the initial version is to use data from the real-world stock market using an API, which will be updated at a set interval, most likely going to be around once every 15-30 minutes. That value however is not set in stone yet. Stay tuned for more info regarding the stock market! Illegal Support Team The illegal support team (IST) is there for those criminal masterminds, OGs, mobsters, MC presidents and everyone else who delves into the (usually) lucrative world of crime. They’re here to turn those intense VMing logs into fat stacks, help those who want to build their criminal empire, give advice to the big men at the top and make sure the roleplay standards stay high. Read more about what they can do and their rules here: Current roster @Kaasisbaas - Head of Legal Support @ertidog- Head of Illegal Support @AlbanianMafia - Illegal Support Member @Gary - Illegal Support Member @Craazy - Illegal Support Member @EAT - Illegal Support Member @Immaculate - Illegal Support Member @Tajiri - Illegal Support Member @BremboBG - Legal Support Member @Gonxp - Legal Support Member @George - Legal Support Member
  4. Congratulations everyone! @Officerbattle scares me
  5. https://www.roleplayproject.com/discord/invite/VnzxXHM/ Make sure you read the rules here. I hope you have a good stay!
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