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  1. bruh exciter and anumaz literally made owl script, it never "belonged" to owl as they had no legal rights on it. plus GTAV owls scripts are dog shit, who'd want to steal them
  2. We're going to do the best with the objects we're given in MTA to make everything fit well, dont worry. We have some simple design plans thought of already and it wont strictly be a decoration. regardless, red county is so small it would be hard to add something like that in the middle of any of the towns. hence why the city hall was placed where it is
  3. its not going to literally look like pershing, its just going to be the same idea where there can be room to gather and a city hall etc
  4. this is going to be done seamlessly. as i said, its all in good hands
  5. ive asked serx, your faction leader, to explain it to you guys since i just had an informative talk with him about it and he will screenshot our chat and send it to you. everything is being handled in good hands dont worry.
  6. Mapping Team Update January 2020 Given the fact Mapping Team hasn't done any update posts, i figured i would keep everyone up to date as to what our past, present and future actions are, along with some current guidelines to clarify things with everyone. Recent and current MT Work Recently, we have been working on city diversity and functionality, such as our basketball court that will tie into our later plans, the new crusher location so it's no longer hidden behind a locked gate, the boat docks to allow people to buy and moor their boats, a hospital interior so people no longer have to passive-RP going inside, and several exterior map fixes that caused issues with gameplay. We've also been doing our best to add new interiors and areas of residence to the city, in the hopes there will be no shortage of homes or businesses. Currently, we've been working on the new Blueberry Airfield for the airport faction that will provide aircraft roleplay, among other things like classes and such. We've also redesigned the Dillimore FD interior and Exterior, but it has not yet been implemented. MT has been trying our best to keep up on gate and /maps requests as well. /maps was recently bugged, not allowing maps to be set in their desired dimension so we had a few request setbacks but it's fixed now thanks to our developers. Please keep in mind requests are only viewed when an MT member is online so feel free to kindly DM one of us if you've been waiting over a day for your request to be reviewed. We are also taking MT applications for anyone that would like to help us keep track of said requests. Future Plans MT has several big plans we would like to inform the players about, some being set in stone and some still being discussed and not official yet. Without giving too much away yet, you can expect to see some big changes to Montgomery and Blueberry. Myself and a CM had a long discussion about the future plans of the map and we decided it makes the most sense to keep blueberry as a large commercial town, and spread some things in monty out to the other towns, keeping the other three towns less commercialized. In this update, you may see several buildings or properties changed, but we will make sure no one is deprived of their interiors. This conclusion was made with the thought that with an airfield in town, realistically there would be much more commercial activity nearby rather than gangs and delivery warehouses. We plan to completely remove the Blueberry Brewery and replace it with a Pershing Square-type area for people to have events or simply just gather and have fun. City Hall and one or two other landmarks will likely be moved to this area as well, but the exact landmarks aside from City Hall are yet to be decided. A gas station will be added in blueberry as well, seeing as though there is one in every town except BB. As for Montgomery, several more apartment buildings will be made, allowing people to have a surplus of rentable and buyable interiors to choose from. Palomino and Dillimore will likely remain the same in these changes. Aside from this project, we are also going to be working on expanding interiors to Richman to provide for players that are more rich than others. Keep in mind, not all houses will be given interiors. Other plans are being developed as well, but those will come in a later update. Guidelines Some MT guidelines have been a bit vague due to the lack of a proper guidelines post, so here are some things to clarify: Farms Farms are currently unavailable for purchase at this time. MT has been carefully considering different options for the purchase of these properties to prevent them from being unrealistically used or statwhored. We will likely ask players to fill out a short form as to what farm they would like to buy, why, and what it will be used for in the future. Farms will not be allowed to be used as private penthouses or luxury get-aways and will be restricted to farm-type interiors. Players must also have intentions to do farm roleplay if a farm is owned. The reason we are doing this is because we've seen too many times these properties being horded by players strictly to hold all their race cars, have a private estate, or to take their kidnapped victims. Since there is a shortage of farms in Red County and Flint County farms are not an option, we would like to make sure they're used realistically. Custom Interiors Custom interiors may currently only be uploaded for interiors that have blue buy icons, AKA business interiors. Exceptions will also usually be made for factions, assuming they keep a fair limit. This is only temporary until the UCP has been finished, to prevent an excessive amount of entries in /maps along with the fact that technically custom interiors are a premium perk and should be treated as such. Gate Requests Previously our guideline for gates were only outside and for businesses or factions, then only outside but for any property, and now we've changed it to allow anyone to add a gate for any property, interior or exterior. As long as MT has approved your gate through a gate request on the forums, you can have one anywhere. Please request your gate via the forums rather than making a report in game. Outside Textures Outside textures are a touchy subject because not everyone understands the mechanics behind them. Textures in large amounts cause heavy lag on the server so we encourage people not to do it. Currently, we are only allowing faction properties and select businesses to have outside textures to prevent everyone having one and lagging an entire town area. Textures must be realistic and be useful for your property. That about sums up our update, if there is something i may have missed or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on discord 5150#5150, or send me a forum PM.
  7. thats literally what paintball is lmao. its DM. thats the fun of it IRL or in game
  8. Some people don’t realize this is a video game and it’s meant for fun, most of the people doing the insulting here are probably minors that have it too good at home so don’t act like you’re better than anyone else because yOuRe tHe CoNsUmEr. The server was made for people to enjoy because people complain about not having an MTA English RP server, but all I see are these people biting the hand that feeds them. Grow up and start acting more mature, your life will go on if someone 1000 miles away from you says a bad word or does something you don’t like. Also, unless you’re staff you have absolutely no say in what channels are seen by what teams, and unless you’re in some sort of authority over me or any other human being here you have absolutely no say in their actions. Suggest are welcome, yes. But don’t sit here and try to govern the staff. Some of you guys are seriously sickening. Grow up the hell up.
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