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  1. Players may now purchase/own no more than THREE of the same weapon type for legal weapon licenses.
  2. GTAV / MTA Selection Greetings Roleplayers! I wish to update you on a forum feature that shall help us sort the forums out. All members may choose to join or leave a group called "Player, MTA" or "Player, GTA V." This is done on the initial registration, as well as at the profile at this page. This is synced to discord. It can be added and removed at any time.
  3. Discord and IPB Integration Hello Roleplayers! Today I am excited to announce a complete integration between our forums (IPB) and the Discord server. This will allow our management staff seamless management of all players and members. With this integration, security against spamming attacks should increase. Normal, unverified members will not be able to post to most channels. Your discord name will be updated to your forum name. This is for ease of recognition and communication among the community. To connect your discord, click THIS LINK.
  4. Hello Roleplayers! I am bringing you an update about something that has been causing a stir lately. It is never appropriate to discriminate against any group of people in out of character communications. This includes discord and the forums, as well as /b or /pm in game. I will always attempt to warn and approach the player before giving any punishment. But it's been an issue reaching even into our staff team. I must clarify; at no point is using the n-word, or writing such as "1488" or "white power," even if talking about an IC event. Keep the racism and discrimination for your characters to feel. Not you as the player. This is not a place for hate of any sort. Repeated offenders will be removed from accessing the communities' services.
  5. UPDATE We're receiving a lot of applications, a lot of them are good.. some of them, are not. Your story can be formatted however you wish. But for Paragraph 1 Character's birth, lower-school, family life and beginning friendships. Paragraph 2 Character's coming of age, higher education, friendships and social life. Paragraph 3 Employment, what lead the character to Red County, where the character obtained their assets from and how (be DETAILED). If you are requesting a large amount of asset value (items valuing more than 25k) the story needs to be detailed of how that money was saved up and kept in your possession without it going to bills or other expenses. Each item that is requested should have its own little story to it.
  6. Character Stat Applications Hello Roleplayers! The staff here at the Roleplay Project are very excited to have you join us on Multi Theft Auto! Our Development Team is putting the final touches on an amazing gamemode for us all to enjoy, in the meantime, there are some things we can do! Most of us come from one of two communities, where we were established and had houses or vehicles, stats and wealth. It's extremely disappointing to loose all of that hard work. We at RPP hope to remedy this. Players will be permitted to write an application for two separate characters, requesting specific assets to be awarded to that character based off of a detailed character story. The moderation team will review and decide on the realistic nature of the request and communicate with the player if there needs to be corrections, or if the assets should be directly rewarded. When we near our launchdate we will review the approved amounts to ensure we minimize inflation. Upon launch, characters will be able to report to receive their approved assets. You may fill out an application for your character stats below. Please put effort into this! Apply Here
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