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  1. RPP : Kota Map update Hi, community! I'm happy to post this thread to you all as I know we've talked a lot of our new map, but not all have seen it! Obviously, the San Andreas map has disappeared and the gameplay will now be focused on the Kota map and the few islands around it. We're working also on a system which will be posted at another time where we'll be able to have as many islands as we want (without compromising performance!). The streaming of the map might be a concern for you, however know that you will feel no difference than in the vanilla San Andreas map, both in terms of performance and streaming. The map consists of all possible roleplay areas you wish to evolve in. It has beaches, industrial, business/downtown, ghetto, residential (low, mid and high class), airport, and more! Welcome to Westport
  2. Yes, it is time consuming mainly because it stacked up. So right now, it represents a lenghty task to list it out. But it is in the works as I wrote above. I think the importance is now that the problems are addressed and solutions will be applied. I will gladly continue this discussion in private if you wish - on discord - but I'm not going to spend more time to reply to you with that kind of passive-aggressive attitude. 😉 Smile, life is beautiful!
  3. It is in our short term plans to have regular updates written down in regards to development, don't worry. It has been kind of hard and a lenghty process to write it done, mostly because all changes were treated as hotfixes and immediately uploaded on the server. Our method is however changing this january - every update will be uploaded at once, (i.e. once per week), and those updates will be joined with a written update for the community. Writing down an update is not just taking our changes, pasting on a thread and posting. Our changes are written in a dev-language, on a repository. The PR team will be able to help us out with that, and focus their time on putting everything in an easy-to-read-and-understand format. It's more time-demanding than you think! Thank you for your concern. :)
  4. Good initiative! I can speak on behalf of the dev team, but I'm sure you will enjoy what we have planned for Q1 of 2020. Remember we set up a MTA RP server very quickly on a 90% stable gamemode, so the first two months of life was 95% bug fixing. Only a minority of new things were scripted, but we already have over 400 changes that were done the script. Looking forward for the PR team to announce our changes on a regular basis. Thank you
  5. Welcome to the Roleplay Project! In this thread, you will find useful information to get started on RPP, and as well learn a little more about our community of passionates. The original community was founded in 2012 under the GTA San Andreas modification Multi Theft Auto. The community was shut down in 2014 and is now back online on RageMP's modification of GTA V. The core concepts ever since the beginning were to give its players the ultimate freedom and tools to fulfill their roleplay experience. With complete immersion that aims to stay fully immersed at all times, we welcome all players who believe in a total realistic and modern type of roleplay. How to join us? Step 1. Head towards a GTA V game point of sale, such as on Steam, and install the game. Step 2. Download and install the RageMP modification from their website. Step 3. Open RageMP, head towards the Direct Connect tab and input: ip address to come Make sure to be connected with RPP via Discord as well by joining our server! Click me for Discord invite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) When are you going to open? The full public released is still to be determined. However, by January 2020, the server will be in a closed alpha mode where community players will be invited to join and start their story. The playerbase will be limited at that time. Is it free-to-play? RPP is totally free-to-play. We will offer premium features which will not impact your character, but instead your community experience with us, such as sneak peeks into features, priority support and more! What makes you different than other GTA V RP servers? We make our scripts with the constant idea of minimizing the needs for staff interaction. We want players to be able to enjoy their roleplay session without having to wait for a staff member to "authorize" or "give" them something. Instead, all tools will be available from the start. We also do not wish to limit your roleplay sector or location. You will have full freedom of doing what you want to do. What's the economy going to be like? We've decided to put a high emphasis on the economy, the money circulation ecosystem. By creating a specific team that's main role is to monitor and control the money circulation and injection, and by making scripts that moves the money rather than creating it, our economy is expected to be stable and realistic. How will the opening of the server look like? During the early stages of Closed Alpha, a small portion of players will be allowed in. The RP story will start at that time, but a focus will be maintained over bugfixing and developping. Gradually every weeks we'll allow more players in. How can I help out? Make sure to stay tuned at our announcements for many different ways of helping RPP become the #1 reference for immersive roleplay. An easy way is to stay connected on Forums and Discord, and help other players out when needed. What can I expect from server management? Fairness, common-sense and a real community spirit! Useful links Rules for all our platforms
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