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  1. A special thanks goes to our development team on this amazing update. We were a little behind on this but we hope to do updates on a monthly basis to showcase our players what is being done on the server. I am very proud to say that our Development Team is composed of incredibly smart people who are working day and night to give the players of this community a awesome game mode. @anumaz @Fernando @Exciter @Deasana @Bruk Features: New /staff list showing online staff members (Exciter) New staff duty icons (Exciter) New staff duties for each team (management, moderators, developers, legal support, illegal support, vehicle team, mapping team) (Exciter) Added LOD objects support to maps - (Anumaz) Added FBI Truck interior - (Fernando) Added special /sell perm for Renshaw Autos, works with item in inventory (Fernando) New PD dispatch blip system replacing old /backup - (Fernando) Added extra character slots depending on user subscription plan - (Exciter) New framework for access levels and ranks system - Forums - (Exciter) Uploaded all prison skins and paired their ids - (Fernando) Added snow plower mod - (Fernando) New logging system - (Exciter) New kevlar model, with position adjustments - (Exciter) Added Deagle by 5150 - (Exciter) Added /tempchar for mods by bruk - (Fernando) New deagle sound - (bruk) Added /to /meto /doto, suggestion by Samuel - (Fernando) Taxi meter addition to item system - (Fernando) Personal messages in achievements - (bruk) Forum API made and added. - (bruk) New character selection GUI - (bruk) New spawn locations - (bruk) New mapping team duty - (bruk) Blips for fuel peds - (bruk) New car test route - (bruk) Syncing forums with Discord / Ingame (Exciter) Adjustments: Numerous bugfixes and improvements to the weather system (Exciter) Increased IC advert maximum lenght (Fernando) Admin signature on /check, courtesy of Portside (Fernando) Added visible wearable to an armour item that wasn't being shown on body (Deasana) Made tons of improvements to the impound system - (Fernando) Objects right click - cleaning up globals and modifying for item-system - (anumaz) Improved indicators - (Fernando) DFT right click vehicle option for RT members - (Fernando) Disabled premium from F10 menu. - (Exciter) Re-enabled winter settings in F10. Added new "groundsnowtex" setting. - (Exciter) Premium subscription perks: Custom skins filesize limits - (Exciter) Premium subscription perks: /togpm, /togad - (Exciter) Disabled login music - (Exciter) Changed F1 - toggle breakin/stealing cars - (Deasana) Added a SASP Impound lot with its own unique features - (Fernando) Tow stats are back for RT - (Fernando) CKed characters not to count towards max characters - (bruk) Mods can now refresh car shops - (Fernando) Decreased wallpaper item price in shops - (Fernando) Removed RS Haul map - Remove /ordersupply (NPC's are used) - (bruk) Increased /towtruck blip opacity so it can be seen better - (Fernando) Scoreboard improved - (Fernando) Increased max texture size to 500kb instead of 100kb - (Fernando) Now you need minimum 30 minutes played to receive payday - (Fernando) Now 5h played minimum to transfer money - (Fernando) Indicators slight improvement - (Fernando) Hidden instant manufacture button - (bruk) Changed minimum character age to 16 - (Exciter) Togspeed enabled - (Deasana) Update all donators GUI to UI - (bruk) Add route on loadup. Change ending spot. Change RS Haul name - (bruk) Bus routes - (bruk) DMV changed car models - (bruk) Colshape for DMV plates - (bruk) Vehicle plates ped - (bruk) DMV Peds - (bruk) Changed model for portable TV - (bruk) Fixes: Fixed the boat shop (Deasana) Fixed insurance having to be paid even if car is unregistered, if you have an insurance plan - (bruk) Fixed locations in F3 for vehicles and interiors - (Fernando) Fixed DMV transaction papers - (Fernando) Fixed /staff - (Fernando) Fixing issue with radar system - (Deasana) Fixed Radio position for when GPS is showing - (Fernando) Fixed GPS automatic for job vehicles - (Fernando) Fixed and Improved handbrake/engine messages - (Fernando) Fix headlight sound - (Fernando) Fix cargo ped permissions - (bruk) Fixed vehicle system lights and indicators too - (Fernando) Fixed trucker job wage - (Fernando) Fixed headlights - (Fernando) Fixed snow tire weight - (Fernando) Slippery effect will no longer affect temporary vehicles. You can now edit/create handlings - (Fernando) Fixed advertisements output - (Fernando) Fixed /911 bug - (Deasana) Fixed Department radio. - (Deasana) Fixed login screen. - (Deasana) Fixed impound system - (Fernando) Fixed DMV sign position for Emperor - (Fernando) Fixed remaining item IDs in attachments - (Fernando) Fixed scoreboard - (bruk) Fixed Removing seatbelt on bus respawn. - (bruk) Fixed bus starting location - (bruk) Fix character spawn - (bruk) Added dupont to ped types. - (Deasana) Fixed model for portable TV - (bruk) Fix notifications trigger - (bruk) Fix notifications display place - (bruk) A special thanks to @Lartsa with helping prepare this thread.
  2. Moderator You are not allowed to give disciplinary action to other staff members. Moderators and Roleplay Project staff member matters are dealt with internally, so no in-game punishment shall be given. If you wish to report anyone that is a part of our staff team, please submit a staff report via our user control panel. You are not allowed to execute moderator power over roleplay or situations that you are involved in. Ask another Moderator to step in and help sort the situation. If there is no Moderator online other than you, please try to have the situation handled on our user control panel if there are any issues regarding the roleplay. An exception to this is an obvious and clear violation of the server rules such as trolling, mass deathmatch, bug abuse, or blantat metagame You are not allowed to roleplay while on Moderator Duty. You are not allowed to pause your roleplay for Moderator duty, nor are you allowed to use your rank as a staff member to enhance your roleplay. You are not allowed to AFK while on duty. Go off duty before stepping away from the keyboard. This can avoid the confusion with players thinking you are available to take reports. You are not allowed to teleport or recon a higher ranking staff member than you without permission. Staff You should not utilize staff commands to benefit yourself. It is permitted, though frowned upon, to use moderation commands to correct server-issues or issues presented due to your handling of reports. For example, commands such as /gotomark, /gotoplace, /entercar, and sethp/armor may be used when going between roleplay and moderation duties. You are not allowed to break server rules at any given time. If players can't break them, neither can you. You are not allowed to take action (teleporting, etc.) on players without consulting with them first and having their approval. This is to prevent accidental actions which would ruin the player’s roleplay experience. You are not allowed to by any means treat any player or staff member with disrespect. RPP holds a high standard for their stand in terms of professionalism. You are not allowed to show immature or improper behavior at any given time. You must be professional at all times while representing RPP. There is a distinction between immaturity and simply having fun. You must always maintain a professional approach to all situations. While anyone’s life can be changing, the player’s experience partly relies on all staff teams. Thus, we require that you give your respective team leader a minimal three days notice if you wish to leave your distinctive team. Leaving immediately will decrease any chance at reinstating in the future. Roleplay Project has a zero tolerance policy on abuse. Abuse of any kind will warrant a removal immediately without the issuing of an infraction, unless overruled by Community Management You are not allowed to leak any topics spoken about in discord, TS3, or any where else when the ears are only meant to be staff. OOC characters are not allowed unless approved by Management. Staff members of RPP are not allowed to be staff on other MTA servers. Staff members of RPP must give a proper 72 hour notice prior to them leaving to allow management a good amount of time to find a replacement. Failure to do so will result in the inability to qualify for retirement rank or reinstatement. Team Leaders Team leaders are in charge of their respective teams and only their respective teams. They are not allowed to directly involve themselves into another’s team management unless given prior approval by that team leader. Team leaders are NOT moderator supervisors. Moderator team is essentially a different entity. Team Leaders are not allowed to act as moderators, and are only allowed to do things within the scope of their team unless they are apart of the moderator team. Team leaders respond to Management only and not to other team leaders or moderators. Team leaders are not allowed to punish players, that is the job of moderators to do so. Team leaders must notify Management if a decision is big enough to impact the economy, playerbase and/or any other major changes of similar nature.
  3. Character Kills Character kills may be produced by the player themselves or another player. Players must die scriptwise for the kill to be rendered as a character kill, and must either ask themselves for a CK, or the CK will be authorized by the situation's supervising moderator. Character kills may also be done by other players on a certain player, or players. Character kills will be authorized for: CK Application CK Clause Disregard for Life CK Application For another player to commit a Character Kill on another player, the player(s) committing the character kill must create a CK application and have it be approved by any moderator. Please note that character kills are last resorts. Character kill applications will not be permitted for simple shootouts, or for another character robbing another and the person wanting revenge. Character kill applications require evidence of what the other player did. You also require a lengthy reason on why you'd like to character kill that person. After an application is received, a moderator shall review it. After a discussion with other moderators, they will either deem it approved or denied. Once it is approved, the person(s) who are moderating the CK will have to /report for mod supervision during the CK, or record the situation. Do note, that if the CKing party is killed by the person(s) being CKed, the CKing party will be CKed. Players are free to appeal Moderator decisions on CK applications at any time. CK Clause For another player to commit a CK clause on a player, the player must've left the faction without any prior notice and decided to resort to other activities. CK clauses must be supervised by a moderator. Players are free to appeal moderator decisions on CK clause at any given time. If you attempt to use your CK clause on a player, and you die trying to, you will be CK'ed. Disregard for Life For a player who is attempting to roleplay something incredibly risky and stupid, you will be CK'ed for disregard for life. Disregard of life is defined as knowing that your life is in danger, but you continue to perform the dangerous action. The CK victim must KNOW their life is in danger before they continue RP. These situations are usually for higher risk situations that may be overwhelming and difficult to juggle and not normal for a gang, mafia or anything along those lines to do such as but not limited to: Heist of all kinds Bomb and/or Terrorism Driving at high speeds (100/mph) and crashing Pulling out a gun to law enforcement after having MANY guns pointed Other situations that are obviously extremely risky that a moderator may approve. Players are free to apply for a appeal at any given time after the CK.
  4. Restricted Areas Some areas around the map are strictly prohibited of any kind of serious crime done near them. Unless allowed from any supervising moderator member, the player cannot commit serious crimes near; Red County Bank Red County Medical Centre Red County Fire Department HQ and other similar Medical Facilities Montgomery County Hall San Andreas State Police HQ and its Precincts These areas are however not considered as a safe zone if actively involved in a illegal roleplay prior to arrival. Property Break-ins, Theft and Robbery Any kind of robbery that requires an administrator's presence and supervision for it to be allowed, the player must adhere to the following rules. You may rob; If you've got over 10 hours in your character. Other people with over 10 hours in their characters. You may not rob; On-duty SP troopers' equipment, unless the supervising moderators allowed you in doing so. Faction badges ATM cards, unless player agrees to it. More than $5,000 from a players bank account through the ATM card, only if gotten permission from player. Property keys (vehicle keys, house keys, business keys etc.), unless player agrees to it. Faction vehicles can only be stolen with a moderator supervising. Governmental properties requiring moderator supervision are: Ammunition. Banks. Evidence Locker (SP, DB). Residential Property Robberies A least two SP troopers on duty online which don't involve command staff. One Moderator supervising. The player must be online unless the owner hasn't logged into the interior during the past three (3) days. Commercial Property Robberies The player can commit the crime of burglary player owned business. Player owned business are shops, clubs and bars. You may rob these if you fulfill the following: A least two SP troopers on duty online which don't involve command staff. One Moderator supervising. You may only receive up to $5,000 depending on the exterior of the building you are burglarizing. Kills through character robberies A player cannot kill someone during or after a robbery, unless the player either agrees to it or shows disregard of life after the given orders. Vehicle Robberies & Thefts Any vehicle theft can be done only when A least two SP troopers on duty online which don't involve command staff. One Moderator supervising. The owner does not have to be online. The keys of the vehicle may be obtained if: The owner of the vehicle is online. The owner of the vehicle turned on the vehicle. A moderator is supervising. The theft of items must have an active moderator in game for the theft to be supervised. Kidnapping & Ransom You are not allowed to kidnap someone and hold that person for more than one (1) hour. It is not allowed to kidnap anyone with less than 10 hours. Exception may be applied if the victim of the crime has given consent for the players to continue their roleplay. Chain Robberies, Theft and Burglaries It is not allowed to preform a robbery,theft and burglaries more than three (3) times a day. Scamming Property It is not permitted to perform simple scams where a promise of a vehicle or property is given in exchange for cash, then the seller runs with the money. Exceptions apply as follows
  5. Visual Staff Structure Staff Explanation Community Manager(s) is the general overseer of all operations. He/She is the person in charge of making all executive and final decisions with the help of the Administrators and influence of the general playerbase. Team Leaders are Head of Teams, and are usually the go to leaders of each team. Team leaders are the example, and make sure to uphold all requests, guidelines, rules and formal requirements of their respective teams. Moderators moderate the server to make sure players are upholding the standard of roleplay while also making sure that they aid in the roleplay aspect to assure the roleplay experience in unique. They are also the key decision makers in a roleplay scenario. Moderators operate in Auxiliary teams in order to assure that certains aspects of the general server are up-to-par. Supporters support the server and are the equivalent to gamemasters. They are people that know the game very well, and could provide assistance to new players who are unaware of server functions and key elements of roleplay. Pronounced to air further into release. Auxilary Teams are a group of dedicated players who want to help with a specific section of the server that is important to making what the server is. These teams are open to everyone, giving the opportunity for regular players to become staff members without actually joining the Moderation team. Staff Responsibilities Server Management Team - Community Manager(s) In charge of making Executive decisions Oversees all team leaders and general operations Last of the chain to contact for Leadership Server Team Leaders - Team and Department Manager(s) Second to last of the chain to contact for Leadership In charge of their respective team and/or department Makes rules, guidelines, and procedures for their respective teams. Server Moderation Team - Senior Moderator - Server Monitor Supervisor(s) Supervising role of the SMT and Game Supervisor Offers private CK applications to the general playerbase First of contact for leadership/supervisor opinion Monitors SMT’s actions and uses the Infraction system to uphold the Moderator rules. Provides advice to lower ranking Moderator using experience. Upholds all moderator rules along with enforcing rules and regulations Server Moderation Team - Full Moderator - Server Monitor(s) Offers players help and the ability to enhance their roleplay Enforces server rules and regulations Follows all Moderator Manual procedures and Answers reports in a professional manner Participates in most if not all server discussions Answers tickets on the ticket center or forums in a professional and timely manner. Server Moderation Team - Junior Moderator - Trial Server Monitor(s) Trial stage of a Moderator Duties of a Full Moderator Auxiliary Teams Legal Support Team (LST) A team focused on Legal factions. Provides overall support to the different types of legal factions on the server and acts a liason for factions once they've been accepted into the server. Illegal Support Team (IST) A team focused on illegal factions. Provides overall support to all different types of illegal factions while also managing the virtual market, weapon drops and last but not least drug drops. They continue to be a liaison for illegal factions once they've been accepted to the server successfully. Vehicle Management Team (VMT) A team which focuses on the realism needed for the vehicles on the server. Mapping Team (MT) A team focused on the mapping of custom interiors and exteriors. Development Team (DT) A team which focuses on the developmental aspect of the server.
  6. 1. Common Courtesy Be respectful to fellow community members, think about the things you say and do. A simple way to explain this rule is “treat others how you expect to be treated.” We will not tolerate abusive behavior towards any member of our community. This especially applies to our staff team as we are here to help you. If someone is attempting to disrupt your roleplay, you may ignore them, however if it is a member of staff is attempting to contact you then you must respond. Refusing to do so will result in punishment depending on the severity of the situation. You are expected to roleplay at all times, failing to do this is ruining the experience for others. You may only go OOC when a Moderator says so, else you are expected to continue roleplay. English has been notified as the only language spoken on the server. Please only use that language. We simply cannot moderate a language we do not understand. If a member of our staff team makes a decision, that decision is final. If you are unhappy, you are to use our appeals section on the forums or support center. If you feel that another community member is breaking the rules, you are not permitted to do the same. You may only halt your roleplay when a staff member declares so. This means that if you are unhappy with someone’s decision during roleplay, you must continue to roleplay despite having a report pending. 2. Disturbing Roleplay All parties that are involved in the situation must give their OOC consent prior to the roleplay happening, the situation must be conducted in a place that will not be found by people accidentally. If screenshots or video-recording of the scene is captured, all people involved must have their character names concealed unless permission is given from that individual. If you are to post any media regarding disturbing roleplay, it must be marked with a spoiler warning. All individuals taking part in the roleplay may back out at any point should they begin to feel uncomfortable. These rules apply to the following: Necrophilia Rape Pedophilia Cannibalism Torture 3. Accounts and Buying/Selling Activity All players must only have 1 account per person. Accounts may not be shared or distributed at any given time. If you currently reside with a sibling in which also plays the game, please gain approval from management. Roleplay Project does not allow the buying or selling of accounts, IC and OOC currency, properties or vehicles. If you are found attempting to sell any of these for in real life money, you will be banned and not allowed to come back to our server. All of the things mentioned above must be bought on the server, and only on our website for our OOC currency. 4. Metagaming, Powergaming, Deathmatching and Revengekilling Metagaming is not allowed. Do not mix OOC with IC information. Never Private Message your IC location to another player. You are not allowed to use third party communication software to speak about IC information. All information known IC must be transmitted only IC. Any information obtained by one character cannot be passed to another player's character. Powergaming is not allowed. Always give the other player the chance to respond to your actions, do not force actions onto someone. Please only roleplay things that are realistic. It’s important to choose your actions wisely as long as taking real life into consideration. Ask yourself what would happen in real life and picture the scenario in your head to determine what you can and should not do. Be realistic. Deathmatching is not allowed. When you want to attack another character you need to roleplay your actions with /me's and /do's with a valid reason. You are not allowed to kill anyone for no reason, there must be reasoning tied and simply because you do not like someone is not a reason. Revenge killing is not allowed and will be punished. When you die ICly (by PK) your character forgets everything that happened before regarding the situation you were killed over. Which means returning to the scene of your death is not liable nor realistic, please avoid going to the scene. That time that you were with whoever is just a void in your head. 5. OOC Scamming, Logging to Avoid Roleplay and ALT to ALT Trickery, scamming and lies must at all times be kept in character. None of the aforementioned may be carried out, out of character, or punishments shall be handed out accordingly. You are not permitted to disconnect from our server to avoid a situation, whether that be an arrest, robbery or any other situation that may put you at a disadvantage. If you need to log off in the middle of a roleplay, report for a moderator, and ask them if you are allowed to leave so either the roleplay can be passive rp’ed or voided. ALT to ALT is also not allowed. You may not transfer any of your items from one character to another by asking friends to help you out, or dropping items and leaving them for your other alt or anything of that sort. 6. Trolling, Internet Talk and Provoking Roleplay Project has a zero tolerance for trolling. If you are caught trolling and are here to ruin the fun for everyone, we may be entitled to punish you for it. Refrain from using smileys, short lettered or “internet” talk in a IC chat as in real life, we do not talk like that. Provoking any faction or member even if it’s law enforcement or not, is not allowed on the server. Do not attempt to catch their attention strictly to annoy or disturb them. 7. Bunnyhopping, Ninjajacking, and Refusing to Roleplay Bunnyhopping is prohibited and it's not very realistic. A warning is needed prior to punishment. You are not allowed to carjack someone without it being roleplayed. Don't go up to the car and just press "Enter" or "F" while someone is sitting in it. You may not refuse to role play and only a moderator may pause or stop a scene. However, we want to remind all parties that this is still a game in which we are all try to have fun while playing, so try to act humble in all situations. 8. Driver Drive By and Healing During Conflict You are not allowed to drive-by as a driver, you may however drive-by as a passenger. Car ramming without roleplay can also be classified as driver drive-by. You may in no way refill your HP gauge during fights. This rule also prohibits you from eating anything during the time you are in danger after being involved in a fight. You may however see a doctor or paramedics to roleplay your injuries but still may not return to conflict even if aided by a medic. 9. Bug Abusing, Hacking and Spamming You may under no circumstances use a server/script bug. Furthermore, you are obliged to report any bug which you come across upon accessing our server, no exceptions. The fight style named 'knee-head' also comes under bug-abusing, since it takes off a large amount of health. It is bug-abusing to use any command such as /pay or /frisk to figure out the ID of a masked player, or to see if there is a moderator spectating you at the time. It is also bug-abusing to take advantage of in-game glitches such as PIT'ing vehicles which are larger then you which is clearly unrealistic and is classed as bug abusing. Besides the commonly known ways of hacking, this includes utilizing any type of third-party program to somehow obtain an unconditional and unfair advantage on RPPy. Hackers will be permanently banned. Although your purpose may not be hacking, you should take extreme precautions when combining any third party software OR hardware with your MTA gaming in our community. If in any doubt, do not hesitate to use /report in game or to forum PM a moderator. They are here solely to help you. It is forbidden to spam the chat box as well as a player's private message system. This offence will generally result in a kick but persistent spamming could lead to harsher punishments. 10. Reporting Rule Breaking, Abusing the DMV Vehicles, and Inactive Properties You must follow the rules, even if you see somebody else breaking them. You may not break a rule in order to stop another rule breaker or a hacker. Whilst we advise you strictly to stay away from hackers due to the risk of getting banned along mistakenly, we always appreciate if you do /report or take screenshots and file a forum report. You may not take and drive the DMV vehicles for your own personal use. It is abuse and you may only use these vehicles for gaining a driving license. If you are inactive for 14 days your house may get sold with no chance of refund. If you are inactive for 21 days your business may get sold with no chance of refund. 11. Ban Evasion, Going OOC and Famous Names If you are banned in-game, you must not head in-game with a different IP address on a different account. This is classed as ban evading, and your original ban length will be increased. If you're banned on the forums (account ban), then you must see out your ban or ask someone on your behalf to post a ban appeal. Exceptions may be made in the case that you are unable to do this but you must not actively post on threads other than your ban appeal. and you are permitted to still play in-game. Only on duty moderators, and staff who are currently helping a player, may be considered out of character whilst on the server. You may only go out of character if you have permission from a moderator, for example when one is handling a situation of rule breaking which must disturb the roleplay of others. Whilst on RPP you must not use the name of a famous person to mimic or portray their character. If you have a famous name and did not purposely or are willing to change your name you will be permitted a name change free of charge and without an application being required. 12. Clothes System, Underaged Characters and Graffiti You are not allowed to have clothing from the system that are considered to be non-roleplay such as a spiderman suit, or some type of costume. Be realistic. You are not allowed to roleplay an underaged character as the character must at least be eighteen (18) years old. The graffiti system is not meant to be used as a way to spread nonsensical things around the game. Use common sense when creating something with the grafitti system, failure to do so will lead in a permanent ban from using the graffiti system, and in some cases a more severe punishment. 13. Weapon Licenses and Withdrawing Weapons It is prohibited to transfer a firearm or ammo which is purchased from an Ammunation or any other gun store in a legal manner to another player. No exceptions, however the guns may be stolen if roleplayed properly in-character. It is prohibited to own more than THREE of each firearm variety. (Only three deagles, only three colt 45, etc...) You must use the /me function to role play an exchange of arms in order to give your opponent a chance to react. There is an exception for small handguns and other melee weapons. This means that weapons such as Tec 9's and Mac 10's and any larger item (M4's and AK-47's especially) must be roleplayed along with explosives which also have to be roleplayed appropriately.
  7. The following rules apply to all assets of the community where OOC conduct is conducted. This includes OOC chats in game as well as the forums, discord, and teamspeak 3. Be respectful to others. No hate of any kind. Keep respectful to all, think before you post. Do not spam, or send the same message repeatedly. On the forums, not safe for work content of any sort is never permitted. Ask yourself what a boss at a professional, respectable employer might say about the content you are considering posting. Do not link or share any form of malicious content or software. Always act civil to one another, especially in voice chats. Do not play or make loud noises or generally cause a disturbance. Keep on topic, for channels in discord and sections/topics on the forums. Contribute to the discussion at hand. Never reveal the personal information of another player. No form of pornography is ever allowed. Discussions or imagery of disgusting acts or discrimination is strictly prohibited. No racism, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia and so forth. Always communicate in English. Never "flame' or "badger" such as writing insulting or hostile messages against other players. Never troll or post content that is simply baiting. No advertisements for other communities. Keep conversations (especially on the forums) on topic and do not derail the subject. Do not complain about punishments in an open channel or forum. Always proceed respectfully through the proper channels.
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