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  1. "Don't worry"? It took you guys 1 month (Along with give or take 5 years of experience in MTA where everyone saw how servers died in the past), a major drop in PB and an announcement to decide to plan to post regular written down updates. I'm going to worry till that happens and even afterwards i'll continue to worry. "Writing down an update is not just taking our changes, pasting on a thread and posting. Our changes are written in a dev-language, on a repository." - What the fuck? Writing down an update is exactly as how you said it. Got a bug in vehicle system - > blinkers? Update-Bug fixes: Vehicle blinkers not working properly fixed. Well my god, so difficult, so time consuming. Someone fixed a bug? -> Write down in text document what you fixed, 1 week passes, post update. Oh my god, so difficult, so time consuming. Yeah, it's time consuming if you allow 400 changes to stack up and don't bother to write any update about it, yeah, that's time consuming. But, that's your fault for not posting them earlier. This post and why there haven't been any updates ragarding development just says that you guys either didn't care about posting an update or are lazy af to write one down.
  2. Don't try to soften what really happened between Waffle and Project Roleplay and why it opened when it did. Most people know it already. It's unbelievable how every server that gains traction manages to fuck up the same way for years on end (except for Waffle funny enough). I don't understand it, it are the same people doing the same things but still they are oblivious to the same problems. Why don't you post server updates? People want to see server progression, they want to know that work is being done and that change is being made. They don't want to have the same limitations every roleplay server has since no development is being done (except for Waffle, they showed their development). I don't understand the excuse: "We only been doing bug fixes so that's why there are no updates (threads posted showcasing them)". Who the hell cares that there are no new things? The community wants to know that stuff is being done, no matter if they are just bug fixes. If you fix bugs, let the community know, they care, if they don't see anything they'll simply assume that nothing is being done. Why is every roleplay server so afraid of posting updates? 400 changes you say? Why are we only allowed to know this now, when the server has taken a huge hit to the playerbase? By the time those updates hit there will only be a small fraction of the PB remaining to enjoy them.
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