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  1. Well, guess I better find another game to get interested in... Every time a new MTA server pops up, it goes good for a month; then everyone loses interest and disappears off to the next server.
  2. Does this mean there won't be anymore cars coming up for sale from the SP and Renshaw?
  3. Sweet, congrats to all the new folks.
  4. Then why are some of you still on here sounding as-if you're bashing the development team? When I quit a server, I usually stop getting on their forums posting stuff all the time... I do occasionally stop by to see what's going on, then and only then do I think about giving it another go if I like what I have seen on the forum... I guess I am just old fashioned.
  5. Whether I applied to moderator or not has nothing to do with me defending the people that dedicate their time and money into a server just to give us a place that is 100% free to play on and enjoy... While other servers are shutting down and everyone is flocking to GTA V, these guys are still dedicated to giving those of us that would rather play San Andreas a home... I enjoy playing GTA SA, it's more fun to me because it's just more old school and I'm used to it. I have been on MTA for over 6 years and I still to this day enjoy it... Nobody is forcing any of us to stay here, if some of you don't like it here so much just make your departure post and leave... Hell, you don't even really have to make a departure post, you can just leave any time you want dude... That's essentially what I do when I grow tired of a community... But either way, none of us are forcing anyone to play here... Life is full of choices and you chose to play...
  6. Chill dude... They're doing as good as they can to put a good server together with what they have... Not everyone has 24 hours a day to invest into scripting an MTA server, I don't know about you; but a lot of us have jobs in the real world and have to balance work, real-life responsibilities, and videogames into their day... Sometimes I don't even get a chance to get on MTA because I wake up, go to work and do my job throughout the day; then come home and have to go right to sleep for work the next day.
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