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  1. Arson Arson can be done in game without any Illegal Support Team (IST) approval necessary. The player must make a report in game and explain to an moderator the reason for said building being burned down. This is also one of the very few instances where molotov cocktails can be made. Some examples of a valid arson would be if the business is being extorted and said owner disagrees to make payment after threatening. Arson can also be gang war or CK related matters. The following must be present: The owner of the property must be online. There must be a total of on duty 2 FD and 2 SP members active. Extortion Extortion can be done in game at any time and requires no moderator supervision. If the owner of the businesses refuses to comply then retaliation against their property or physical punishment may be necessary. Bomb making Any and all bomb making roleplay must be sent to the Illegal Support Team via public contact where proof of the items being used is shown as is the in game logs of making said bomb. The Illegal Support Team will then review these logs and determine the results. All use of the bombs in game must be monitored by a moderator after being informed by IST of the bombs’ stability. Fencing If you come across stolen items in bulk and are looking for a place to sell it, the IST will purchase the items from you at wholesale price. In the future we plan to have characters in game who will go around buying and selling these stolen goods so that going to the forums will not be necessary. Drug production Anyone who wishes to produce drugs, whether they are in a faction or not, should first contact the Illegal Support Team via public contact where they will first inform us what kind of drugs are being made and what method they are using (ie hydroponics, shake and bake, etc). The IST will then work out quantities based on method and quality of roleplay. Harvests are limited to once per week per growhouse/lab and require logs of constant maintenance and harvesting. Vehicle Chopping/Exporting/Scrapping Vehicle chopping can be done by showing logs of the vehicle being disassembled for parts in game to a moderator. Moderators will consult the IST payout formula which takes into consideration the vehicle weight and rarity. A maximum of 2 vehicles are allowed to be chopped per week per player. Vehicle exporting must be first approved by the IST via a public contact. Players must show proof of purchase being forged for the vehicle(s) they wish to export. They must also properly roleplay having completed the necessary paperwork and precautions through the docks. A maximum of three vehicles are allowed to be exported per week per faction. Logs are reviewed and payments are given by IST. Vehicle scrapping must first be approved by the IST as it requires the faction using this method to have the proper industrial equipment and outlet for scrap metal. Scrapping is limited to 5 vehicles per week per faction. Logs are reviewed and payments are given by IST. Heists Any robbery or scam of any kind that exceeds the robbery rules of $15,000 will need to be first approved by the Illegal Support Team. These may include robbing a bank, ammunation, NPC ran businesses of high value or large-scale scams such as ponzi schemes. Players should include their method and reasons behind robbing/scamming and the IST will work out the details or even help you improve on your methods. If we feel you are incapable of performing such roleplay the request may be denied. Certain heists will need a certain amount of SP online but goes case by case. Government & Towing Faction Corruption All players who want to be corrupt in a government faction must receive approval from their factions leaders. Any and all denied or accepted requests by the faction leader must then go to the IST and LST with the reasoning behind it so that we can log who has permissions. Towing faction corruption must receive approval from the faction team. All corruption requests must include backstory of your character and the reasoning behind your corruption. You will also be asked to give a small amount of detail as to what you corruption might include. Government Faction Vehicle Robberies Stealing a government vehicle requires moderator supervision and at least 2 active SP members on-duty. The reasoning behind the robbery determines what kind of approval is necessary. If the robbery is premeditated, it must first be approved by the IST. If say you just murdered an SP officer and your only chance of escape is his police cruiser, then the robbery may be approved in game by a moderator. Keeping the vehicle for your own after the fact however will need IST approval. Looting ambulances is allowed however looting police cruisers is prohibited.
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