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  1. Nah. The reason I didn't have a 'job' on mta since legacy was because I was doing other things. But you do you pal! And before you get all defensive about your shelf, nothing would have happened to you or the faction, as the shelf was moved after the fact which wasn't pointed out until very late. And you could have easily solved that issue.
  2. Let me guess, you're commenting on me reaching out and asking to speak to you? I did this on behalf of Lartsa, Fraph and Samuel at the time. Instead of being upfront and talking to us, you backed out and threw some hateful comments towards us. I had to gather the information we were looking for, from different sources. Furthermore, you're failing to realize that I backed out of those conversations when asked to, but guess what? Instead of asking me to not say a single thing, Ertidog filed a complaint as the very first thing instead of talking to me. Post complaint, I never spoke a work in IST. Post complaint, Ertidog again complained when I spoke in the Faction Team chat (different chat) when Fernando was mentioned on an issue that I had spoken with Fernando about previously. His point wasn't getting across so I helped in that. You also fail to realize that Teams are supposed to work together, not against eachother and filing complaints like that really isn't helpful. Also, here's the kicker. I decided to be nice and ask every single team of their opinion about having access to their discord channel and whatnot and the /ONLY/ team having an issue was Illegal Team. Why? No idea, but apparently hiding behind closed doors is what they want.
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