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[IST] Illegal Support Team Update

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Illegal Support Team Update

Hello everybody, it's me. We have been working and adjusting the team and setting up new rules, and working on more constantly. Below you can find all sorts of stuff we have done and adjusted. If you have any questions, you are able to contact us on discord or send a forum PM with anything you would like to let us know.

Most of the stuff we have is what has seen on other communities as well, and it's no big secret. We don't have to come up with something new that already worked just as fine as before, however we have made our own little tweaks.


Virtual Market

We have the similar system as the previous communities, and I would like to give big thanks for who ever has created these implementations, even though they do not play in here, but have worked on making this system as it is and is known as currently.                                                      Let me know who ever might've done this in the first place, thank you.

Players are able to acquire narcotics through in-character means and then work on selling them by passively roleplaying selling them to imaginary customers in order to make some money for themselves, and the faction they're in.


We are on working on a system that allows players to sell their stolen goods to the faction team for money. If you have some items that you are unable to get rid of, you can always rely on selling them to the faction team. However, we would like to enforce players to rely on this method as a last straw if they are unable to sell it in-game. 

Faction Updates

As a faction leader, you are expected to submit monthly faction updates regards your faction(s), and let the faction team know of your current goals, and members. You are able to find the form in the top right corner where it reads "forms".

This has been around for ages as well, it is to moderate factions, and see their long distance goals. 


Illegal Support Team Changes

We have decided to take in some trustworthy members in to our team, who are known around the illegal world.

  • Lartsa
  • Machiavelli
  • MinisculeAnus
  • klippan
  • kockata
  • serx

Let us know about any changes you wish to have and additions we could implement, we will listen to your ideas.

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