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[LST] Early January Update

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Hello to everyone,

First of all I would like to thank the players and staff team for their effort and dedication lately. Second of all, as some of you have heard Kaasisbaas has stepped down as Legal Support Team Leader due to personal reasons and general lack of time to lead the team, with it he left us a lot on our plate, such as unanswered players requests and faction updates. The Community Management Team decided to promote me to the position and I would like to say that all requests are being answered and handled in a speedy manner. Anyone is free to send me a private message if you have any questions regarding the Faction Administration Team!

About myself, I am from Portugal and have been playing MTA RP since 2014, mostly under the legal side. I used to lead a couple factions throughout my years of roleplaying, some of the factions were RPMF Incorporated, San Andreas National Guard, Ferrari Owners Club and so on.

What will you expect from me and LST? Simple, crystal clear transparency, activity and team work. We are here to help, not to limit your roleplay.


Legal Support Team Recruitment & Roster

We are currently looking for experienced legal roleplayers to join our team therefore if you wish to apply simply send me a private message through discord or the forums with: why you wish to join, your previous legal roleplay experience and why you would be a benefit to our team. Everything that we do, we do as a team, and we wish to fill one or two spots with people who understand this concept.

Team Roster Update





Legal Support Team Activity Update


Upon receiving leadership over the team, we answered and handled around roughly 12 faction requests, some were denied but a large majority were accepted. In general, most requests were for property and vehicle funding for the current legal factions. One F3 was given and new leaders were assigned to other factions. I will elaborate throughout the announcement.


Our current goal is to organize our database and the way we handle requests as we wish to create a easier and faster way to get in touch with the players needs for their roleplay. Therefore strenghthening our bond with the community and our faction leaders. We would also like to increase the amount of announcements posted, therefore establishing more transparency and updates to the community, so the players are aware of the latest faction news. 

Faction Leadership Updates:

In these past couple weeks we lost 4 faction leaders, the factions in question are: Red County Fire Department, Supreme Court of San Andreas, Red County Government and Express Global Logistics. Some leaders left due to lack of time or personal reasons, others left due to discontent.

Two faction leaders left due to much needed power restrictions within government factions, in this case, the Supreme Court of San Andreas had three Distric Attorney Investigators with the goal of somehow patrolling the county and assisting with warrants. However, it was my decision to restrict that specific rank to two DAI's instead of three due to the lack of roleplay available for them, not to mention the playerbase doesn't fully support it. That caused the leader which I will not mention, to leave all server factions alongside with the Red County's Fire Department leader which was in one of those ranks from SCoSA, thus leaving us and their team without a leader.

Regarding the Red County Government, Kaasisbaas has been inactive lately and due to it he was removed from the position, leaving @Najkwiin as the acting County Commissioner until elections are in place. More information about that will come soon.

Just recently the leader of Express Global Logistics resigned from the position due to lack of motivation to roleplay, among other personal reasons. The new leader is @cookin.

The new faction leader for the Red County Fire Department is @Shaderz along with @Deuce.

Bank of San Andreas received a new leader as well, @CherAmi.

We are still currently looking for a capable leader for the Supreme Court of San Andreas, if you got the legal roleplay experience don't hesitate to contact me.

We have just recently issued The JW Corporation a small F3 system to help them keep their faction, properties and staff organized. This faction is based around a handfull of small business.


Unofficial, Semi-Official & Official Factions System


A newly made faction with a small amount of members, this status is mostly attributed to those factions who require an F3 system in order to control their finances, members and their wages. Usually an F3 is given when requested if the faction has shown activity. These issued F3's can hold up to 5 interior slots and 5 vehicle slots, depending on the faction the slot capacity may increase. However, unofficial factions lack the support for free custom duty skins and custom interiors.


A faction with some miles and activity to it along with a larger member base, this status is attributed to a trusted faction which has shown to be active by creating jobs and roleplay opportunities. The perks of this status is the increased amount of support, such as being able to implement free duty skins and custom interiors not to mention the support from the Legal Team in regards to funding vehicles, properties and items. These factions receive a raise in slots up to 15 interiors and 20 vehicle slots, with the exception of dealership factions.


The final status for a faction, given to those who truly shown to be active within the server and provided continuous quality roleplay to the community. This status has the same perks as a Semi-Official faction, with the exception of an increase in interior slots (25) and vehicle slots (35). Also, a sub-forum is awarded to the faction so that the leader can better manage it.


Monthly Faction Updates

We are going to be implementing a new monthly system in the forums which allows faction leaders to provide the Legal Support Team with a monthly update on their activity, finances, requests and much more. This will help us keep track of every faction as well as help faction leaders prove their activity. @FAILCAKEZ is currently working on the small form.


Current & New Faction Leaders

This section is reserved for leaders to talk about their activity and plans. It serves as a way for players to understand what is going on with the current state of the legal factions and their status.

Red County Government (Official)

With the departure of the former leader, a new one has stepped up, @Najkwiin will be the acting County Commissioner until we find someone suitable for the position through the upcoming elections. The future elections will give everyone a chance to vote for their favourite party, whoever is interested may start working and planning their campaign.

The current leader has plans in to make the department of licensing more active by implementing event and business licenses. He is looking for experienced roleplayers to help him run the departments.

San Andreas State Police (Official)

After the resignation from @Samuel, it was decided that @Morris7878 would be the most experienced person to lead the faction, he already placed in plans to shorten the ranks and structure of the faction to fit our playerbase, thus having one Captain and one Lieutenant who supervises the supervisory staff and their units. The leader also intends on increasing the roleplay standards for the faction.

Leader statement:


My name is Mors. I've taken over leadership of the SASP and plan to massively downsize the structure. Focus mainly on patrol with collateral duties in investigations, have 3 command members at max including myself. While I do value realistic procedures and a good amount of knowledge in US Law, I don't expect Troopers to reference caselaw 24/7 or constantly worry about how to approach a situation due to fear of messing up. It's a game - it's RP. Things will be basic, toned down and accessible to all. High RP standards will remain.

Red County Fire Department (Official)

@Shaderz was promoted to Fire Chief and @Deuce to Assistant Chief, both these players have experience in leading a fire department from other servers, therefore they were the best fit for position.

Leader statement:


Hello everyone. My name is Shaderz and I am the newly appointed leader of the Red County Fire Department. Most of you may know me from other communities, but for those who don't, I have led the Fire Department for years on other servers. Gonxp invited me to lead the faction as soon as the previous leadership resigned from their positions and I have gladly accepted the offer in order to help make this place a better one for all of us. I plan to keep things simple in the department and not try to full on replicate a real life fire department into the server. Of course we will still have an realistic ranking structure that better fits a county fire department as well as other internal procedures but our main goal is to primarily make players understand what we are doing when it comes to treating injured people or putting out a fire. We plan to balance things out between that and realistic service. This has been a huge problem in the past as most of the times over-enforcing real life procedures would lead to players not understanding a single thing of what we were doing which is why we plan to change that. We've also made our discord public and everyone can join it and discuss matters related to the faction with other members and even other civilians. We want to feel connected to the community and be as transparent as possible which is why we're doing this. To join the discord server, hit me up with a private message on the forums and I'll happily send you the invite link. Finally, if you feel like you can help us achieve our goals, do not hesitate to apply. We're always seeking for members and will try our very best to accomodate you properly into the faction. Thank you for reading this.

Supreme Court of San Andreas (Official)

With the resignation of the previous leader, we are dismissing the faction until we find someone capable of setting it up. Currently there is no need for such faction to exist considering our player base. Regarding warrants, they will be reviewed by myself and other legal experienced leaders since there is no District Attorney present or Chief Justice. If you have what it takes feel free to send me a PM with your roleplay background and faction plans.

Bank of San Andreas (Official)

We have a new leader after the previous one got removed for the lack of activity. @CherAmi is now leading this faction and has plenty of plans for it, such as establishing loans for players, getting a cash-in-transit section of the Bank running as well as getting partnerships in order to aid small business.

Leader statement:


My name is CherAmi and I leading the Bank of San Andreas. Our plan for the future is to create as much RP as possible. Bank used to be a forum thing where people request loans, we still want to offer that but also involve ourselves IC'ly by having an investment sector with the goal to grow IC revenue for the bank and to support business ideas IC'ly and invest in them.

Renshaw Towing & Autos (Official)

The faction leaders remain ( @Fernando) and activity is still strong and they intend in improving their roleplay standards.

Leader statement:


Hey. I have been leading Renshaw Towing ever since the server came out. It has turned out to be a successful faction. I have recently appointed a new leader that is my right hand (PornMaster aka Jasper Woody), a long time member of the faction. Our plans for the faction are obviously to keep providing roleplay to the community by doing roadside assistance, assisting SASP and other factions with towing, as well as towing illegally parked vehicles for RC Gov.
We have participated in alfacorse's event by providing Pit-stop and on-site assistance and servicing with our tow-trucks and mechanics. Our skills and manpower can be put to use in the upcoming server event.

Express Global Logistics (Official)

Led by @cookin after the previous leader @Tajiri resigned, they intend on providing the players with plenty of distribution roleplay.

Leader statement:


Heya, I, Kristjan Moore am currently working on hiring more employees and fixing the errors within the company, we have hired a manager for the imports field, once we get more warehouse workers and have the delivery times set to what they should be, I will work on adding new branches to the company and invest money in them.

Autosport Club of San Andreas (Official)

A autosports faction centered around motor racing, the current leader is @AlfaCorse, he has plans to increase the server activity by continuing to provide roleplay to vehicle enthusiasts throughout the events.

Leader statement:


G´day. My name is AlfaCorse, and I lead the Autosport Club of San Andreas. My faction strives to provide the residents of San Andreas with exceptional motor racing venues and events, and to promote safe and sanctioned motor racing across the state. Our future plans is to expand our operations out from Blueberry, and increase the amount of disciplines and venues that we offer.

Finnigan Automotive (Semi-Official)

A mechanic garage with a twist, they provide automotive mechanic roleplay, such as modifying and repairing vehicles, not to mention they also import them. The current leader is @RazorRC, an experienced member when it comes to this type of roleplay.

Leader statement:


Hi, my name is RazorRC. My plans for this faction is to provide players with the best and most realistic mechanic roleplay, we are also currently looking in to improving our vehicle import Department.

Polaris Defense (Semi-Official)

A faction focused around security services inspired by a private military company, they provide players with good security solutions, if you have any questions feel free to ask it's leader @5150.

Leader statement:


Polaris Defense has currently been setting up contracts with Rivera construction, government of red county, and bogach gambling among a couple other companies. We’ve been training our members inside and outside of our new training area along with inside the HQ classroom and plan to have everyone fully trained to our expectations soon. Our plans include being cemented within these companies and becoming more of a vital part of security within the server.

The News (Unofficial)

Currently being led by @luigikuik. He has been inactive lately due to holiday season, the faction's purpose is to provide journalist roleplay both on the forums and in-game.

Rivera Construction (Unofficial)

A faction that provides construction roleplay, if you need a map built they're the ones to call, they intend on improving their activity and increasing their fleet. The leader is @Spl4z.

Angel Construction (Unofficial)

Another construction faction, although inactive these past couple days due to the holidays, their roleplay is welcome, current leader is @DejoPejo

Liberty Automotive Group (Unofficial)

A vehicle import faction/dealership ran by @ElChapo. He has plans to increase the roleplay around vehicle imports.

Cross Holdings (Unofficial)

An insurance faction led by @George, it's quite new although its concept is pretty neat, he plans on providing players and companies with vehicle and property insurance. Also, hopefully in the future he might add a nightclub to his corporation which will provide much needed night life and roleplay to our community.

Leader statement:


As mentioned briefly beforehand, i plan to open Cross Events (name subject to change) which will operate a nightclub of which I own a building for already! This is a huge opportunity for the company, i plan to expand the insurance company and hire a couple people on a monthly salary to retain realism, rather than the traditional F3 wage. This will allow me to automate the insurance business and ensure that it’s activity is upheld when i plan to move on to the events company, from experience a club is very high maintenance so i will need to have my eyes on that while it starts up, while hiring more and more people to support this venture

Riverside Recyclers LLC (Unofficial)

An unique faction which provides recycling roleplay, they will be collecting the county's trash and managing it through their waste management facility. Any questions direct them to @Munhausen.

Leader statement:


I'm the CEO (Anthony Leonetti) of Riverside Recyclers LLC, a waste management company. Faction updates: We've received our trucks into our company's possession, we have gathered all necessary equipment for our workers to use in the field, currently waiting on supplies to be received from Express Global Logistics (i.e. portable dumpsters & a new incinerator). Our faction plans are: To install dumpsters for public use and for a daily pickup by our company in an effort to dispose of any and all general waste, to work with other companies in order to get rid of any and all waste they need incinerated/disposed of, to work with the government in garbage disposal contracts relevant to the various townships across Red County (i.e. Blueberry, Montgomery, Palomino Creek & Dillimore).

JW Corporation (Unofficial)

A newly made faction led by @PornMaster, it has been recently given an F3 for organizational purposes. Their intention is to provide the server with more roleplay and job opportunities IC'ly through their many companies.

Leader statement:


I created this faction in order to provide a lot of roleplay, jobs and opportunities for the server. The main IC reason is money, but my actual target is to give the players of RPP some interesting things to do, so they won't get bored and log out. The JW Corporation owns businesses, either social ones (Like Monty Pizza Stacks, that it owns now), ones that offer roleplay-based jobs to the community (Nice Buns Bakery, which I'll start roleplaying with soon, gonna be some nice jobs for the community) and other future projects, such as a trucking company, a delivery company (which will hopefully get RS Haul off the map) and much more to come. I just want to create something that will give the community things to do, by creating RP-based jobs, by creating spots that people can gather around. It'll just aid the server greatly.


Faction Related Event

As some of you might have heard the Community Management Team is planning a server event and myself and the current faction team leaders are preparing and organizing for it in order to ensure the best roleplay experience for all parties. The event will be all inclusive, meaning all factions will have a job or something to do, thus ensuring that anyone can partake. We decided to not state what the event will be about because it's not yet fully confirmed however we will keep you posted with information both IC and OOC about it.


Thank you very much for reading and I hope everyone has a happy new year! 




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Good read. Nice to see what factions are out there and what their purpose is.  Keep up the good work!

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2 hours ago, Portside said:

Good read. Nice to see what factions are out there and what their purpose is.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

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