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  1. On 1/30/2020 at 2:50 AM, ElChapo said:

    Does this mean there won't be anymore cars coming up for sale from the SP and Renshaw?

    No 🙂 The government claims the vehicles they wish to sell before those 20 days have passed. Then it's up to them what they want to do with the car.s

  2. 3 minutes ago, ReeMoO said:

    Okay I'm kidding, I agree to.            OTHER HALF OF MY BRAIN: NOOO PLEASE CASH ABOVE ALL.

    I don't get it xD
    You get your cash every hour with this system, you can't miss it 😄
    No more "You have not played long enough to receive the paycheck"

  3. New Paycheck System : Overhaul of the way your character receives their wage and pays for taxes every hour.

    Currently this happens every 1h that goes by on the server. What I am suggesting is to change it so that it happens after you have played for 1 hour on the server. There is a meaningful difference between these two. The server would count the time you spend on the server until the next paycheck, and it would reset upon it. Aka the time since last paycheck, and once that hits 60 minutes you receive a paycheck and it is reset.

    For example: I log in and play for 32 minutes. I log out then come back in a few hours. The server tells me that I will receive my paycheck in 28 minutes.

    The significant difference here is that with this new system there is no way of escaping the paycheck, which can easily be done by logging off right before the server hits the next hour, and coming back seconds after.  (Technique of abuse used to keep your played hours under 10 to avoid being robbed or earn more money doing scripted jobs). No more "You have not played long enough to receive the paycheck"

    I strongly believe that this new system is flawless and not abuseable. This new method has already been adopted on several RP servers on other games.

    Note: To fight against AFKing to farm paychecks, an automatically detected AFK player should be force-logged out of their character (my suggestion too).

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  4. I've met several players on RPP who came from SAMP and want to learn the various features we have on the RPP MTA Server. I do believe a tutorial/introduction available from the login menu should exist, as it would help new players get to know how everything works!! Thanks for the great suggestion.
    I'll give my ideas on this in a bit.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Vorras said:

    To sum up, I can see that most of the people agree upon having one trucking license for all heavy vehicles. I'm going to agree with that simple version too but let's keep the rules strict on truck drivers holding a license (3 evasions = cancelation of the license by the Police).

    Bruh 3 evasions?????????????

    Aside from that I agree there should be a driver's license for heavy vehicles required for certain scripted jobs.
    Moving to accepted.

  6. 6 hours ago, Deasana said:

    I wanted to remove headshots and limb shots ages ago, but people complained, which is why it's still here.

    Let me get this clear. I'm voting for removal for both HEAD AND LIMB shots.

    We can just do 2x dmg on headshots.

    Upvoting this 🙂 

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  7. I support changing the way peoplea are billed for making phone calls / sending sms.

    Could even charge people for having "Mobile data" which would allow them to use the mobile banking app and others coming soon.

  8. On 1/16/2020 at 12:40 AM, grif said:


    What I would really like to see is us replace some unused dff and txds server side with skins that are more applicable to the playerbase, especially if we can configure the TXDs to be compatible with the dupont system. In addition to client side mods, of course. That would be awesome.

    This is a very good idea indeed! : replacing bad/unused GTA SA skins with ones that could be retextured and used more frequently. Someone please make a thread so we can all contribute to planning this out so us developers can make it come true 🙂 

    As for the main suggestion: I'll forward this to the Head of Development so we can look into why client-side skin mods are disabled.

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