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    December Staff Update It is time for our first staff update! To prepare for the smoothest possible launch, and due to a high number of great applicants - We're happy to announce eight new Moderators to our staff roster. There was a lot of good applications, and picking only eight has proven to be extremely difficult. After a lot of discussion and thinking we've promoted both experienced ex-staff members from other communities, and some very promising new ones! For those of you that weren't accepted this time, it doesn't necessarily mean that your application wasn't good enough. We were limited of choosing a small number of applicants out of too many. Congratulations to our new Moderators! @Spl4z Player > Junior Moderator @George Player > Junior Moderator @Lartsa Player > Junior Moderator @Resident Player > Junior Moderator @patrick Player > Junior Moderator @EAT Player > Junior Moderator @Munhausen Player > Junior Moderator @Officerbattle Player > Junior Moderator
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    Official Launch Date First I'd like to welcome everyone to our MTA community! As we've previously just announced on our Discord server, our MTA server will officially launch at 18:00 GMT - Friday the 13th (13-12-2019). Your forum and website account will be the same one you will use when logging in to our server. Character creation will be done in-game. Red County won the polls, and is where the roleplay will be based in. For now Bone County, and other certain specific areas for targeted roleplay (The drag strip for example) are in discussion. Upon launch, only Red County will be open for roleplay. If you're a faction member, you may contact FMT to discuss getting your badges, uniforms, etc prior to the launch. (For example PD, FD, etc...) Keep in mind that there will be many changes and updates to come. We recommend checking our Discord and forum regularly for announcements and updates. See you all in-game very soon!
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    Character Stat Applications Hello Roleplayers! The staff here at the Roleplay Project are very excited to have you join us on Multi Theft Auto! Our Development Team is putting the final touches on an amazing gamemode for us all to enjoy, in the meantime, there are some things we can do! Most of us come from one of two communities, where we were established and had houses or vehicles, stats and wealth. It's extremely disappointing to loose all of that hard work. We at RPP hope to remedy this. Players will be permitted to write an application for two separate characters, requesting specific assets to be awarded to that character based off of a detailed character story. The moderation team will review and decide on the realistic nature of the request and communicate with the player if there needs to be corrections, or if the assets should be directly rewarded. Upon launch, characters will be able to report to receive their approved assets. You may fill out an application for your character stats below. Please put effort into this! Apply Here
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    Gonna yeet the fuck out of the server as soon as it opens.
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    UPDATE We're receiving a lot of applications, a lot of them are good.. some of them, are not. Your story can be formatted however you wish. But for Paragraph 1 Character's birth, lower-school, family life and beginning friendships. Paragraph 2 Character's coming of age, higher education, friendships and social life. Paragraph 3 Employment, what lead the character to Red County, where the character obtained their assets from and how (be DETAILED). If you are requesting a large amount of asset value (items valuing more than 25k) the story needs to be detailed of how that money was saved up and kept in your possession without it going to bills or other expenses. Each item that is requested should have its own little story to it.
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